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E6600 Core 2 Duo on Intel D975XBX2 motherboard

Discussion in 'Overclocking' started by mcsconsult, Dec 2, 2006.

  1. mcsconsult

    Fishface Guest

    I heard that the jumper is hard to reach. You might wire a switch
    temporarily. Make sure the power is removed from the system
    when you reset it. I alway turn-off the switch on the power supply
    and hit the start button to drain residual power. If there is no switch,
    then unplug it.
    If your motherboard sensed your memory as ddr2 667, it may have
    selected an asynchronous memory setting. If you can manually select
    a 533 setting for the memory, then it should be in sync and at spec
    at 3 GHz, I believe. *If* this what is happening, your memory would be
    running 1.125 faster than ddr2 667 at 2.7 GHz. That would mean that
    your memory may be capable of allowing system to run synchronously
    with a FSB setting of 375 MHz, for an overall speed of 3.375 GHz.
    This will probably require more CPU voltage. At this point, heat also
    becomes a big factor.

    If the supplied software does not, this program will alow you to see at
    exactly what speed things are running:
    Fishface, Dec 8, 2006
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  2. mcsconsult

    Fishface Guest

    Fishface, Dec 9, 2006
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  3. mcsconsult

    Fishface Guest

    It's all assembled. CPU temps went up unacceptably, so I
    dropped it to 400 x 8 = 3.2 GHz and was able to lower Vcore
    to 1.3v. CPU-Z reports 1.296v which drops to 1.280v at full
    load. Temp still gets to 65° C, so cooling in the summer would
    be inadequate. It idles at 33° C?! My CPU fan doesn't ever go
    above 1850 rpm, according to Biostar's bundled utility, although
    it does slow down, so I'll have to check into that. I couldn't lower
    my memory timings any, so still 4-4-4-12. You weren't serious
    about stock speeds, were you: ;)

    The 80mm x 15mm fan for the VGA duct runs at 2800 rpm and
    echos through the hard plastic duct. It doesn't move all that much
    air, but lowers the temperature of the video card at idle from the
    low 60s to the high 40s. I might slow it just a bit and try to figure
    out some kind of sound dampening within the plastic cavity. The
    Raptor is quiet as a mouse, I can't believe people complain about
    it! The stupid DOS CD .iso I downloaded from the WDC website
    couldn't deal with my Samsung optical drive, and I didn't feel like
    editing the startup files and burn a new CD, so I tried to clone the
    old drive with the Windows app. It worked fine.

    I must say that I don't relish the thought of tearing it all apart to
    mound a different CPU cooler. Part of me wants to mill out the
    center of the copper slug and turn it into a heatpipe. I wouldn't
    know how much and what kind of fluid to add and how much
    vacuum to pull, though. Cable management in the lower drive
    bay is a bit of a challenge with the center fan very close to the
    drives. Hmm, maybe I can turn the drives around and have
    the cables on the other end...

    So far, I absolutely love the multiprocessor experience. I had
    been wanting to try it for years. SuperPI Mod 1M is 18.45 s,
    vs. low 17s at 3.3 GHz. My Pentium M @ 2.4 GHz does 29s.
    This is all with a bunch of crap running in the background. I
    suspect that the extreme overclockers who like to show-off
    their benchmarks try to minimize that stuff as much as possible.

    I realize this is a wierd combination of low-budget parts
    and higher-end stuff. I only hope that I didn't skimp in the
    wrong places. Only time will tell...
    Fishface, Dec 10, 2006
  4. mcsconsult

    Ed Medlin Guest

    Your idle temps are good. 1850rpms seems low when operating at 100%. That is
    pretty close to the idle speed if not right on it. Do you have any fan speed
    controls in your bios? I am used to Asus where I can set a particular temp
    where the fan will spin up. I would check there first. Yes, I was serious
    about getting the system perfectly stable and get the temps normal at stock
    speeds before trying to overclock. If your system runs normal temps there
    then the overclocking or overvoltage might be the culprit. When I build a
    new system I always get everything up and going at the stock speeds first.
    Install all my peripherals like HDDs, raid arrays, video and sound cards and
    make sure I run Prime or some other intensive program overnight just to
    check stability.
    Those are good temps for the video card. Slowing down the fan would probably
    work fine to quiet it down. I used to use ducts to remove hot air from
    around video cards until I got this ATI PCIE X850 which vents the hot air
    out the back of the case (takes two pci slots). The ducts always were a bit
    noisy. I think I used the Thermaltake branded hard plastic ones. They were
    like amplifiers....:). The Raptors I have had experience with were not bad
    either. Just a bit louder than 7200rpm drives. Much depends on how and where
    you mount them. As far as cable management goes, whatever toots your whistle
    would work...:). As long as you have enough cable and room you can orient
    the drives however you need to for good cooling and improving airflow.
    You should be fine. I just ran SuperPi after reading your results and I
    don't even want to hear it.......:). Let's just say that you are 30% faster
    than my I630 EM64T @ 3.6ghz....... If you like gaming at all, you might look
    at a higher end video card. Other than that you should be ok. You have a
    good PSU, MB and your memory seems good too. I have used a lot of Intel
    boards for business/productivity builds and what they lacked in overclocking
    and bios options back then, they more than made up for it with reliability.
    Just thought of something that may help with airflow and help with cooling.
    Try the fan without the duct at normal speed. It will still remove hot air
    and will still keep the video card cooler. It may help with overall airflow
    through the case. Make sure you check your temps with the case closed. My
    CPU actually runs hotter with the side cover off than with it on.

    Ed Medlin, Dec 11, 2006
  5. mcsconsult

    Fishface Guest

    The bios lets you choose the initial speed, if any, and the temperature
    at which the maximum speed is reached. That's as fast as it gets,
    assuming it is correct, no matter what. I guess I can check the voltage--
    the PWM should result in some effective DC voltage reading on my DMM,
    I hope! Or I think I can plug the cpu fan into a three wire connector and it
    will run at full speed to compare.
    Oh, I set-up Windows at stock speed after running Memtest to find the
    limits of the memory. I didn't check any temperatures until I started to
    overclock, though. I use Orthos, which runs Prime95 torture test on
    both cores.
    I put in a resistor that came with a Zalman 80mm fan (100 ohms). Speed
    went from 2800 rpm to 2100 rpm. Temp went up about 4°C, but it is much
    The duct must be different than you imagine:
    I'd probably be better-off with a non-ducted Zalman fan-on-a-
    bracket: http://www.zalman.co.kr/upload/product/fb123_b_p.jpg

    I dropped my speed, again. 3.04 GHz. 381MHz x 8, which is the
    limit of the memory at 3-3-3-9. It's a half second slower in SuperPI
    1M, but runs much cooler. Either the board undervolts everything or
    the sensors are off. I have it set for 1.28v in the bios, the sensor reads
    1.276 which drops to 1.26 v at 100% CPU utilization. It seems to be
    able to run on less voltage now than initially. I have a top120mm fan
    and a back 120mm fan, both set on low. System temp is 30°C. I
    can hardly feel any air coming from either fan, but I can hardly hear
    them, either. I'll try turning the top one off as you have done to see
    what happens to the temperature.

    And that big CPU cooler keeps calling me...
    Fishface, Dec 12, 2006
  6. mcsconsult

    Ed Medlin Guest

    Good. You should check your temps there too so you know if your HS/Fan is
    working well and cooling the processor. If the temps are high there, then
    you know that you probably need to find a solution before you start
    Yep, completely different.
    Aww...... .5sec loss.........:) SuperPI must use both cores. I had HT
    turned off by accident in bios and when turning it back on my results were a
    bit better, but even with your .5sec drop you beat me by a ton. Your
    voltages are not a problem and well within specs. As far as the top fan
    goes, everything is an experiment. It may or may not make a difference or it
    may run hotter. It depends on your particular build. No harm in trying. I
    happened to help my overall airflow by disabling it in my case.
    That may be something you need to do. The way it looks 3.2ghz is probably
    your target which about the average top for that processor. I know I would
    like to get it better than the average, but to do that you will probably
    need to drop a few bucks for a Zalman or similiar. I went a different route
    and used a larger "stock" type cooler because I didn't really want to pull
    everything apart to install a 'through the board' solution. I could have
    probably gone higher with my system by doing that, but also realized that
    this build was just a stop-gap until the dual cores. I am probably going to
    go with a larger cooler right away when I start my build sometime in Jan-Feb
    when the 'through the board' type cooler is not that big a problem doing it
    with the bare board.

    Ed Medlin, Dec 12, 2006
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