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Ebay Computer Scam

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by mansue.com, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. mansue.com

    mansue.com Guest

    Hi, I just posted a video exhibit(s) on Ebay

    15 minute exhibit
    (part a)
    (part b)

    11 minute exhibit

    7 minute exhibit

    that I submitted to Ebay concerning a
    "Cream Puff" Dell Latitude D610 to a buyer and I said I would also
    include an AC Adapter and Optical Mouse as free stuff which is
    worth about $20. I couldn't fit the free stuff in the box so I emailed
    the buyer that I'd ship the free stuff out the next day and requested
    $5 for the additional box. The buyer refused to pay me the extra $5
    and then I refused to ship and I should have realized the buyer
    only to rip me off and close my Ebay account.

    A normal Ebay buyer would Paypal the extra $5 immediately.
    But nooooo, this buyer purchased a "Cream Puff", "Turn Key" Dell
    D610 for about $150 and this is a great deal. So, the buyer opens a
    "fake dispute"
    and says he wants his free stuff which wasn't part of my listing and
    he says the box is broken.
    I later offer to ship the free stuff but the buyer calls me a crook
    and wants a refund. Hmmm?
    Ebay doesn't require any photos of the damaged box and sides with the
    buyer. My refurbished laptops are always guaranteed and I will refund
    if the buyer simply emails me and says they don't want the item. But,
    when they raise fake disputes what can I do?

    So, Ebay sides with the buyer and puts a hold on my little Paypal
    account for the total amount.
    The item is shipped back and I receive it but UPS doesn't scan it in
    or somebody hacked into their database. I call Ebay and they say Ebay
    can't close the dispute case until the laptop is returned and the UPS
    record says it hasn't been delivered. And, I can't open an appeal
    to the dispute until the dispute case is closed. After convincing the
    Ebay Customer Support
    Idiot that I'm holding the Dell D610 in my hand with the returned
    shipping box Ebay closes the dispute and refunds the buyer.

    But, when I examine the Dell Latitude D610 "Cream Puff" it is broken
    and the new battery was stolen and replaced with one that doesn't
    charge. Somebody had epoxied the hard
    drive caddy to the base and the base plastic was all smashed up. The
    did boot when I attached an AC Adapter and I can repair it for about
    $50 but
    the buyer is really a nasty customer. And, the buyer gets to leave
    feedback and I can't leave a response to the negative feedback? What
    going on at Ebay. Then, my next buyer purchases a Toshiba Dual Core
    that is only a year old but needs a new Mother Board and possibly
    other parts
    because I didn't test the components. I provide a bunch of photographs
    check the prices for parts for this New Toshiba and reach $200 as a
    "Buy Now" price because I am selling "ASIS" and who knows if the Hard
    LCD, etc.. are working. The buyer snaps up the Toshiba the second it
    is listed.
    Then, opens a dispute when he receives the item saying it is not as
    and Ebay allows the fake buyer to open a dispute even when it is sold
    and I've been selling for about five years. Hmmmmm? Ebay finally sides
    with me and closes the dispute but my Paypal account was put on hold
    for that amount also. Then, another buyer purchased a refurb Dell
    5160 for about $140 and then opens a dispute because he wanted a "New
    Battery" but my listing said the battery only lasted about "30"
    minutes and I emailed the buyer before I shipped that he will need an
    AC adapter and a "New Battery". Ebay sided with the buyer even thought
    I don't guarantee batteries and my listing stated that the battery is
    dead and only holds charge for about 30 minutes. I ended up paying the
    buyer $15 towards a new battery but this
    is extortion and racketeering. I have to pay kick-back or pay-off
    money or
    the buyers leave negative feedback and try and shut down my Paypal and
    Ebay account. Is there no justic? Why doesn't somebody form a
    development team and start an online auction that is much fairer then
    Ebay and with more
    user friendly features? Why? And, this has never happened until I
    moved to LA( Santa Monica )
    a year ago. Is LA causing all the problems. The buyers are not from
    LA. Washington,
    North Carolina, and Virginia but somehow I think they are all
    mansue.com, Mar 22, 2011
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  2. mansue.com

    PeterD Guest

    Why not the same time? WTF?
    Why, not the buyer's fault you could not pack it right...
    Of course not, no reason he should pay yuo more.
    So you are a scammer...
    Yea, the buyer hates you--but only because you are a scammer.
    No they would not. You are a scammer who is trying to raise the price
    after the sale.
    You listed an item, listed shipping, accepted the deal, and then decided
    to try to scam the buyer for more money... Yea, good move.
    Nothing fake about it...
    You said it was included, WTF?
    Don't blame him... You are a crook.
    Uh, like stopping the scams?
    Yep, that's the way. They don't like scammers either.
    You received it, you just said so, so what's the problem?
    Idiot? Only one idiot here, and that's you!
    Give back the money... Close you eBay account... Get an honest job...
    PeterD, Mar 22, 2011
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  3. mansue.com

    Bob Villa Guest

    Isn't your reputation worth more than $5?
    Bob Villa, Mar 22, 2011
  4. mansue.com

    Bud Guest

    Couldn't find a bigger box? Dumb!
    Bud, Mar 22, 2011
  5. mansue.com

    Ronbo Guest

    By your own statements one may think your the scammer
    Ronbo, Apr 12, 2011
  6. mansue.com

    Abi Normal Guest

    A scam would involve more than one being cheated...I believe in this
    case..."U B D ASS!"
    Why should he pay $5 when you could have found a bigger box!
    Abi Normal, May 8, 2011
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