ECS Boards are Cheap, But You Get What You Pay For

Discussion in 'ECS' started by Spoogemeister, Feb 17, 2006.

    Spoogemeister, Feb 17, 2006
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  2. Spoogemeister

    Kawosa Guest


    Maybe. I have 2 systems with ecs boards running for over a year now and I
    must say I am totally satisfied with all around performance including the
    BIOS upgrading support. Just couldn't pass up the fantastic price.

    Different strokes I guess.

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    Kawosa, Feb 17, 2006
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  3. Spoogemeister

    Eric Wolfe Guest

    I've got four ECS mobos in PCs that have been running for well over a year
    now. Not the most stable of boards (had to do a CMOS reconfig because of
    unscheduled resets to defaults a number of times). But they are as stable
    as boards costing three times as much (namely Tyan, Gigabyte and Soyo)!
    Also, I've had recurring partition losses on one board that I haven't been
    able to pin down.

    Now that I've got a duff NFORCE3-A I may go back to Asus if only because
    they have a much more active newsgroup! <g> While more expensive, Asus
    boards have never given me anywhere near the trouble my ECS boards have.
    We'll see how the ECS/Outpust RMA process works and if its sister board
    survives long enough to be called viable.

    We already named the first ECS NFORCE3-A "Sid" for "Sudden Infant Death."
    It died in its sleep while burning in; it was just sitting at the PC Health
    screen. I am sure Outpust was selling this board and a Sempron 3100 combo
    for just $75 for a reason. :-(

    Here's an interesting clue. If I use the header for the CPU fan, the PS fan
    twitches to life for a few revs on random startups. If I move the CPU fan
    cable to the case fan header, the CPU fan twitches for a few revs on random

    I've popped the lithium battery and power cord for one last try at a
    complete CMOS wipe and reset but I've started the RMA ball rolling for the
    board. When I pull it from its case I will give it one last try in a new
    case but I think it's a brain dead board. I wonder what kind of testing
    they do at the ECS factory. Other motherboards seem to come with a whole
    lot more little labels that say things like "QC1 OK" or "Checked by 42" etc.

    One nice thing about ECS boards is they've taught me to burn a machine in
    for at least a few days before you waste time loading an OS and tweaking
    configurations. :)

    Now I have to figure out which Asus board is most nearly like the ECS
    NFORCE3-A in features and price.
    Eric Wolfe, Feb 18, 2006
  4. Spoogemeister

    Kawosa Guest

    Well I wasn't pluggin for ECS either but I did want to weigh in on the
    m/b reviews. I must be very lucky since these boards replaced an Abit and
    an Asus board and not a glitch yet. I did notice a slight stability
    improvement when I upgraded the VIA chipset driver to the latest but it
    was already smooth and solid. One is used mostly for burning DVD movies
    and the other is a gamer. They'll fry tomorrow since I have bragged.

    avast! Antivirus: Outbound message clean.
    Virus Database (VPS): 0607-2, 02/16/2006
    Tested on: 2/17/2006 10:40:12 PM
    avast! - copyright (c) 1988-2005 ALWIL Software.
    Kawosa, Feb 18, 2006
  5. Spoogemeister

    Eric Wolfe Guest

    :) They have a special ESP bragging sensor! When people were have serious
    CMOS problems with the K7S5A I posted about how *my* CMOS configuration
    stayed put. Not less than a day later - ZAP - CMOS checksum error! I can't
    recall any of my Asus machines ever losing their CMOS the way the ECS boards
    Eric Wolfe, Feb 18, 2006
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