ECS/Intel Core 2 Quad combo problem

Discussion in 'ECS' started by pcuser, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. pcuser


    Jan 26, 2010
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    Hi friends,

    I have been facing this issue since sometime now.

    I have a desktop with ECS motherboard and Intel Core 2 Quad (8200) processor. Initially, I tried with Windows XP, then Windows 7 and now I'm running it in Linux (Ubuntu), still no difference at all.

    The problem that I have been facing is as follows:-

    Whenever I run any videos in full screen (I do have a 22" monitor) the PC shuts itself down sometimes quoting that the temperature limit has reached for shutdown. I have tried several ways of resolving this issue but none of them materialized.

    Now I have come up with a doubt whether my motherboard is doing something wrong.

    Can anyone help me out with this? Have anyone faced any similar issues?

    I would very much like to resolve this issue to regain my desktop's performance back to normal. Hoping for a hint/reply soon..
    pcuser, Jan 26, 2010
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