Editorial comment: The constant griping between RTFM and Elector has just about killed this newsgrou

Discussion in 'Packard Bell' started by Ben Myers, Aug 17, 2003.

  1. Ben Myers

    Ben Myers Guest

    Folks, the subject says it all. I will continue to monitor postings to this
    newsgroup in the unlikely event that someone will want and I can provide useful
    info about his/her system. But I will give up if I think I am wasting my time.
    alt.sys.pc-clone.packardbell R.I.P.

    Neither RTFM and Elector are blameless. I don't care who started it. Neither
    has the maturity to back off. Pity.

    .... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Aug 17, 2003
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  2. Ben Myers

    Elector Guest

    Thank you Ben Myers. Gladly in America your opinion counts and I will
    not begrudge you yours. But let me point something out to you. Years
    before you even graced this newsgroup I was here posting useful and
    helpful information. It was I that kept the kooks out of this group
    over the years while you had the ability to post your much needed and
    wanted assistance.

    It was you that encouraged this troll [RTFM] or any other name it goes
    by via your taking the kindness to answer his off topic post(s) and it
    was your answers that this loser was always sucking up to. Then you
    realized that it was a kook and decided to back off his accolades. I
    wrote you and told you I would take every means to get rid of this
    troll poster. I have also answered many of the questions here over the
    last few months when you hit the high road, why because you find it
    hard to filter out troll boys posts, or that you have a problem with
    me. If its the latter please email and let me know exactly what the
    problem is. I don't hide from you and you know how to reach me.

    It is your crying that is now bringing more fuel into the fracas.
    Please note when you need a helping hand or any backup you always
    receive it from me and many others here that have come to like you
    over the years. Please don't group me into the same lot as that lying
    troll Arthur Grayson Walker, when troll boy is gone the group can go
    back to normal. You will notice when troll boy is not troll posting or
    giving wrong answers here there is no problems.

    Also note that it cannot stay away longer than a few days and then
    will either troll posts a dead thread or will even morph and start it
    all up again. I can prove my statements. Read the damn threads.

    So I don't deserve your pity, don't need it and sure as hell don't
    want it. Save it for yourself.

    I note your service on many newsgroups other than here. Let me guess
    if a troll poster in those groups upsets <sic> you, you'll run from
    there also? Come on give me a break. Stop straddling the fence and
    take a side. Quite a few folks here have complained to FDN and are
    getting a run around from Robb who now wants the official charter for
    this group, I doubt very much anything will sway these idiots other
    than a total call for an IDP on their service. They don't enforce
    their own TOS/AUP and like you use the mentality of "If elector did
    not respond to him, we could do something" well lets stop trying to
    blame me for standing up to the troll and others take a stand and get
    rid of the jerk.

    You know I have better things to do then go after Arthur Grayson
    Walker, or any other kook name it morphs into.

    Even if I did not answer his posts at all, the troll would still
    disrupt this group and what do you want to do then blame me still?

    Elector, Aug 17, 2003
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  3. Ben Myers

    B090268 Guest

    Ben - it seems that no matter how much you write about the complaining, elector
    complains more, and then tries to justify himself. It simply does not work.

    You are right. Alt.sys.pc-clone.packardbell R.I.P.
    B090268, Aug 18, 2003
  4. Ben Myers

    Elector Guest

    Hey RTFM Kook as I said you had to morph and post. You are a useless
    And as long as I draw breath I will never let this news group die due
    to your trolling.
    Elector, Aug 18, 2003
  5. Ben Myers

    BR549 Guest

    As a regular reader and owner of several stock and non-stock PB
    machines, I want to comment on this thread.

    Elector has a history of service to this newsgroup along with many
    others. This service comes at some sacrifice on his part and should be
    considered in any judgement, pro or con, on the merits of this group.
    Personally, I would hope that as grown men and women, that this
    situation could be dealt with in a more businesslike way. The above
    mentioned troll should just be ignored or otherwise he will continue
    to provoke any and all who cannot control their emotions.

    I, for one, would hate to see this or any individual cause the demise
    of an otherwise productive newgroup. Comments welcome! Heath Edwards.
    BR549, Aug 19, 2003
  6. Ben Myers

    Ben Myers Guest

    I agree 100% with your statement re. Elector's long time service to the PB
    newsgroup. His presence here pre-dates mine, and I've been monitoring the group
    for several years.

    But I also must add that there is no place in this or any other newsgroup for
    the extremely profane screeds that show up in this newsgroup. No matter what
    one or the other does or says! ... Ben Myers

    On 18 Aug 2003 17:21:42 -0700, (BR549) wrote:
    Ben Myers, Aug 19, 2003
  7. Ben Myers

    Elector Guest

    BR549 & Ben:
    Again, I appreciate the kind thoughts. As stated earlier this
    situation is not as bad as it seems. The measures used although may
    not justify the means but are necessary none the less. Unfortunate as
    it may seem.

    In my quest to keep the unsavory element out of this group in the past
    it was not necessary to do a background search on the kook troll but a
    mere letter from me (personally under my real persona) to the isp
    yielded many great results. That is not or did not happen with FDN &
    EPIK communications. They outwardly protect this nut job [RTFM or any
    other morph name it uses] where any other ISP would have suspended the
    account and asked what is your purpose is trolling and flaming a news
    group, this ISP likes to lie and deceive the complainer or make that
    person jump through hoops.

    Explain to me why any reputable ISP would do so? Now touch on my ISP
    Road Runner, why is it they not only never contacted me but they see
    it is in self defense and towards a purpose and never spoken to my
    person? I know for a fact FDN spoke on more than three occasions to
    the complaints against their subscriber, yet the troll and flames from
    their so called subscriber persists.
    Did you actually know that in defense of their not enforcing their
    printed TOS/AUP they *blame* me for fighting with this kook RTFM?
    Great mentality on their part. Sort of throwing the baby out with the
    bath water. Then they tell another poster here to find the original
    charter and if it is found give them the link and they may be able to
    do something about their troll. Do you see any mentality in that
    statement from FDN? I sure don't.

    Now look at the facts of the matters, this nut job Arthur Grayson
    Walker comes in here to a peaceful group, posts an original on topic
    post and then proceeds to post off topic and in HTML (FTF) and when
    nicely told not to, decided he was going to do what he wanted and now
    its how many months later. Look at the regulars here that have either
    went into sleep mode (lurking) or have decided not to bother coming
    here at all, then look at the amount of questions that had been posted
    and the number has dwindled on some counts due to the threading even
    though the answer was in there who would want to wade through it? I
    understand the hurt that this has caused in losing some of the people
    in here that I considered friends. Ben Myers, TnT, MDG, Simon, Velix,
    Anthony, KC and Metronid. Sure I am not their conscience but I am the
    vanguard between them having a place to post in peace and friendship,
    some of them and possibly all of them are angry with me. Fine I can
    weather the storm, some of them I have conversed with privately and I
    think they understand. I would gladly go about the business we had
    before this disruptive troll came on the scene and all will be great,
    this is a troll folks and it is getting its jolly's with every read
    and yes I am feeding the idiot but look at the threads and see that
    its so called voice is no more since folks now know who they are
    dealing with.

    Other folks know me, can rely on me and can see I am trying to do the
    right thing. I can only ask for understanding and you will see with my
    attacks on this troll [RTFM] in real life will accomplish the task of
    ridding this group of a harmful element. I could stop counter posting
    this nut jobs posts and it will still continue to post untruths, bad
    advice or worse. Do you really want that to occur?
    If the regulars here wish for me to stop, I will. But I would hope
    someone else take up the baton and carry on since trolls like this are
    harmful even if left to their own devices. Just look at what the troll
    has done in respect to Simon and Anthony when they challenged it.

    Folks this troll [Arthur Grayson Walker] came in here for one purpose
    and it almost did what countless others have tried and that was to
    force a wedge in this news groups friendships, in its helpful
    assistance to those that need it, and in destroying this group.
    I have continued to answer questions the whole time this has gone on.
    And what had the troll done? Stole the answers of those posting before
    the troll and claiming them as its own, that is theft. Then when it
    could not get its way it tried to steal the thunder of the regulars
    here and made a sham news group on Yahoo Groups. It was done to harass
    and annoy and to hurt the needed folks from their rightful assistance.
    Look at the losers group. Flames and hatred posts about me, polls
    geared towards me, reposts from this news group and answers from this
    group as if the process was done at the kooks group. Look at the facts
    and see for yourself.

    Then look at what I had to do in relation to opening my own Yahoo
    group. it has files and links and no flames and no troll posts and no
    reprints from this group. Do I want the group? No. Is it necessary at
    present? Yes. Just look at the opening page at each group and you can
    see that one is helpful and the other vindictive and full of lies and
    flames. I am tired and I going to bed but I wanted you all to know my
    position. I thank the support many have shown. Ben again you have my
    email address and its unblocked to you. All the rest of my friends
    here I again apologize if I am hurting you. To the troll and its socks
    I am not letting any troll ruin this group and I will eventually get
    you out of here. Your time here and on other fronts are almost at an

    Sorry for the long response.

    Elector, Aug 19, 2003
  8. Ben Myers

    Elector Guest

    <Nothing of value so it was all deleted>

    Bottom line everyone here knows you as the PROVEN LIAR, KOOK & TROLL and it
    is still Arthur Walker, aka RTFM or any other pansy name you
    morph into is and has been the troll of this group.

    No amount of hiding is going to save you from me, I am getting rid of you
    and others here have told you the same. You are a PROVEN PHONY and LIAR
    and there is no running away from that, or the fact you have no knowledge in
    any aspects of computers.

    Elector, Aug 19, 2003
  9. Ben Myers

    Simon Guest

    If you've blocked him how can u see anything thats going on...duh?
    RTM aka B090268 your statement is flawed and obviously that from someone who
    likes hiding behind annonymous names.
    Simon, Aug 23, 2003
  10. Ben Myers

    Elector Guest

    Nothing of value by the kook, troll, liar, phony RTFM or who is
    actually Arthur Grayson Walker who is using his AOL account and of
    which I am taking steps to have eliminated. send all his posts to
    or and explain what this loser is

    Elector, Aug 23, 2003
  11. Ben Myers

    Elector Guest

    Simon this is the same kook, troll, proven liar, proven phony RTFM or
    who is actually Arthur Grayson Walker who is using his
    AOL account and of which I am taking steps to have eliminated. send
    all his posts to or and explain what
    this loser is doing. It has also morphed again see the replies it sent
    to Anthony.

    Elector, Aug 23, 2003
  12. Ben Myers

    B090268 Guest

    Please send your bogus complaints to [email protected] or [email protected] They will
    be given the attention they deserve.

    When that fails, try for the profanity of elector.
    B090268, Aug 24, 2003
  13. Ben Myers

    Elector Guest

    Please note this is the deviant [RTFM] your replying to. From the
    exact same site the loser claims at his so called Yahoo Group. This
    "B090268" is Arthur G Walker who morphs from the RTFM and other names
    it trolls from. His real address is and all his crap
    should be forwarded to & &

    Elector, Aug 24, 2003
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