eMachine ET1161-07 motherboard

Discussion in 'Gateway' started by Postman, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. Postman

    Postman Guest

    Could someone please run CPUz on the eMachine ET1161-07 system., and
    publish the Motherboard Info. I have read a few reviews everyone is
    beating this system down, but not one review, nor eMachine has the
    motherboard listed. Maybe i am blind again!

    Is this a ECS or a Biostar motherboard? With these systems selling for a
    dollar less than $350 a perfect system, for a replacement Power Supply
    and many years of service.

    ECS MCP61PM-GM <--- Can not find this Motherboard for sale
    But this appears it maybe the rigth one - Can I get a confirmation

    BioStar MCP6 <--- Tigerdirect wants $100 for this with a X2 5000 CPU

    Case - recycle black/dark grey emachine
    DVD burner - Recycled almost not used emachine
    Hard drive - $100 = one terabyte WD
    Memory 2 gigs 6400 $25
    Antec Basiq 350 $25
    CPU Fan $25
    BioStar MCP6 & a X2 5000 CPU $100

    $275 - Need matching new speakers, keyboard, and Mouse but they could be
    recycled maybe some shipping costs or tax will add to the price...
    Install a Linux desktop distro, rather than Vista and there is no
    Microsoft Tax. Or you have a faster system with some recycled parts and
    larger hard drive for similar money with same Vista...

    Doing some competitive shopping, you might shave more off the build
    price, but i am surprised about not being able to locate a retail price
    for the ECS MCP61PM-GM motherboard... This should be a Fry's Electronic
    staple with a dual core AMD CPU...

    JR the postman
    Postman, Apr 8, 2009
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  2. May, 08, 2009 Fry's Electronics has this computer listed in their weekly
    Friday 8 page newsprint advertisement, for $299 with Vista Home Basic.

    For a basic computer, maybe needs a better power supply and CPU cooler to
    insure this system will keep-on running for a number of years. It is
    almost a disposable computer if you get 2 years service.

    Changing the operating system to a mini/lightweight debian based Linux
    and run gmusicbrowser. The hardware is fast enough to be placed in the
    garage and used as your networked music jukebox 24/7 for several years...

    A jukebox that can handle a decent mp3 collection, edit tags,
    and fetch album covers? Do you want it to be fast and customizable? Do
    you want to be easy on resources and dependencies? Then gmusicbrowser
    might be a solution for you, a light weight jukebox companion, with one
    dependecy... (libgtk2-perl libgtk2-trayicon-perl)

    Postman Delivers, May 8, 2009
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  3. Postman


    May 19, 2011
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    emachines mobo

    code micro has the board cheaper than tiger direct: with am2 socket about $70.00
    bcwt5217, May 19, 2011
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