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Empire Total War Demo not working on Windows XP x64 Pro ?

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Skybuck Flying, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. Hello,

    Yesterday 40% of Empire Total War demo was downloaded, then I stopped it and
    went to bed.

    Today the remaining 60% of Empire Total War demo was downloaded.

    Then the game was installed.

    However when I started it... I see this black screen with white text on
    it... with some logo's and such link bink video and some legal stuff and
    such and then nothing.

    The mouse cursor changes from golden cursor to windows's white cursor and
    back again.

    Apperently something in the game's intro is causing an exception/error...

    Anybody else having problems with this demo ?

    I was lucky enough just to get it to terminate...

    (I could try a reboot... but not gonna do that... I'll try starting demo
    tomorrow one more time)

    Skybuck Flying, Feb 26, 2009
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  2. Ok,

    I googled a bit and somebody said: "It's just loading".

    So I just gave it another try... and this time it's working !

    So apperently this game takes a bit longer to load than usual !

    A tip for the developers:

    Add a little loading bar or some other indication that it's loading because
    I really thought it hung or crashed or something ! =D

    The intro was very beautifull/cool though ! ;)

    So if the game is any good as the intro this gonna be cool ! ;)

    So now I am going to play it... (I was a bit sad that it didn't work but now
    it's working ! Just wasted a bit of time thinking/idling about it lol :))

    If the game/demo is any good expect a report about it ! ;) :)

    Skybuck =D
    Skybuck Flying, Feb 26, 2009
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  3. This game has the coolest sea battle ever !

    I just turned up the bass on the soundblaster and the surround sound set...

    (During loading... there was a bit of crackling because of sound driver
    issue's but I think only during the loading... :) maybe sometime I will try
    with 2GB of ram that usually solves any crackling issue's.)

    Anyway the sound in this game is fucking awesome !

    I had these big battles ships.... and they went like:

    BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM... in that sequence lol... and then some
    more BOOM BOOM BOOM.

    It's the perfect game to blow away your neighbours if you want to... :)

    The first few rounds I play with lower sound settings etc..

    But then I wanted one last game where I cranked up the sound to experience
    the though battle as it must have been :)

    I also zoomed into the ships... because then I can hear the firing much
    louder and better... and then it's really cool to hear the ships fire !
    Almost like a first person view !...

    I think this game would even be cooler in first person view... like you are
    really on the ship trying to command your crew ! :)

    But ok :) sometimes zooming out is handy to see what the frag is going on
    with the other ships but that should not really be too much of my
    responsibility but ok... so that was totally cool/awesome...

    I don't care so much for the land battles... that was just boring and

    Personally I think this game should fully focus on the sea battles because
    they got something great going on there !

    This game should be an inspiration for anybody wanting to do a really good
    see battle/pirates/adventure/fps game with the feel of monkey island/1880
    feeling too it or so ! =D

    The sea battles is LITERALLY A BLAST ! =D I LOVE IT =D

    Kinda funny that I live in an appartment today I shook this whole building
    quite GOOD LOL.

    Yeah... carnaval people making sound, neighbours making sound, neighbours
    dog making sound... WELL TODAY I MADE A HELL OF A LOT OF SOUND LOL... and it
    blew my mind ! LOL.

    OH well to bad I can't do it that often but ok.... I shouldn't it might blew
    my ear out or something LOL.

    Man what a thrill !

    Anyway I have some bad news as well.

    The loading in this game runs like a dog !...

    I have seen C64 games load faster than this game...

    However the screenshots during the loading are awesome ! And their beauty
    continue to amaze me !

    The ships feel kinda authentic however I hope to see many many many more
    ship designs in the future ! ;)

    I also wanna see some really fast/speedy small ships.. with just a few guns
    to do drive by shooting lol :)

    I am glad I played this game... it gave me a blast... but I would probably
    never buy it until the loading is fixed because that just sux ! :p* ;) :)

    Yeah the makers of this game need some good testers/programmers and a whole
    lot of bug searching me thinks ?! ;)

    To competitors I say: "They got something going on here !"

    Copy it, improve it... add nice story to it... add some first person view to
    it... and you got yourself a winner ! =D OH YEAH ! ;) :)

    The extra sounds which I hear when I zoomed in are kinda nice and add a nice
    touch... like hearing the sails in the wind.. during the start of the battle
    ofcourse when you getting close to each other and then the boom boom boom
    starts yeah baby ! =D

    Also the bell of fire... and then the fire itself... sometimes a captain
    saying something...

    A little bit... just a little bit more of drama might be nice... like: "oh
    shit" or "damn I got hit" or "AAHHHH"

    or "Ohhhhh" or "Hang in their mateys" or... "**** them bastards" lol... or
    "Hold.... Hold... Aim... FIRE (the cannons) FIRE FIRE FIRE ! yeah ! =D BOOM

    And maybe some panic when things go bad: "We gonna die ?!"

    Or when in the sea: "Help me " "Help me " "Get me in you bastards !"

    "NOOOOO Don't leave me you bastards !"

    Or drop rescue pods/sloops... "Oh thank you for saving me "

    Or fight from rescue pods/sloops etc.

    Or "Hold on we coming to get ya" LOL.

    Or now fucking way we in the middles of a bttle screw you ! =D

    "Reloading !"

    "Still reloading hang on !"

    "DONE !!!"


    "Enemy ship on our side !"

    "Ohohoh enemy ship turning towards us !"


    "Evade !!!"

    "Oh shit 1"

    "Brace for impact !"


    GOD DAMN ! :)

    Fight !!!!! :)

    Swing swing,, gunpowder guns boom boom take that you bastard !

    BOOM YEAH ! =D

    Oh well this game could have been so much better ! LOL :)

    Something to look out to for the future or so ! =D

    Skybuck Flying, Feb 26, 2009
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