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emu10k1m.sys causing XP system to reboot

Discussion in 'Soundblaster Live' started by K. Hillyard, Jun 8, 2004.

  1. K. Hillyard

    K. Hillyard Guest

    For the past month, my PC has suddenly rebooted itself about once
    every six or seven days. When XP has restarted, I get the usual "Your
    system has recovered from a serious error, would you like to report it
    blah blah blah ."

    When I send the report and get the screen about what most likely
    caused the error, it ALWAYS lists emu10k1m.sys. I've tried
    downloading another copy of the file over the old one, renaming it to
    emu10k1m.bak (which simply results in another copy of the .sys version
    showing up upon a reboot), but nothing has seemed to resolve the

    Any suggestions?
    K. Hillyard, Jun 8, 2004
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  2. K. Hillyard

    Lenny Guest

    Since you write here, I guess you've identified the file as belonging to the
    drivers of your soundcard. Renaming it will not help, as it is sort of like
    removing the distributer from the ignition system of your car and expect it
    to work better afterwards. ;)

    Have you tried the more obvious route and downloaded the most recent driver
    set from Creative?
    Lenny, Jun 9, 2004
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  3. K. Hillyard

    K. Hillyard Guest

    I wasn't sure if it was a required file for the SB Live to function in
    Windows XP or not - I was thinking that it *might* be for emulation
    (given the beginning of the filename) and not a "standard" function.

    I haven't tried installing anything from Creative, because I wasn't
    sure which package the .sys file came from - if I remember correctly,
    the last time I installed all the drivers for the SB Live, there were
    a few different packages. But I guess I should go ahead and
    un-install it all and reinstall at this point. As I mentioned, I did
    at least replace this particular .sys file with another copy from the
    'net, but it didn't seem to solve the problem.
    K. Hillyard, Jun 10, 2004
  4. K. Hillyard

    Lenny Guest

    The sound DSP used on the Live and Audigy series of cards is designed by a
    company called E-mu or some such that Creative bought in the late 90s, and
    the chip itself is called E-mu 10001; hence the filename. :) It has nothing
    to do with emulation, trust me. ;)
    Just go to the sblive website and do a search for driver updates. It should
    direct you to the automatic updater, just use that and you should be on your
    way to hopefully fixing this vexing problem. :)
    Lenny, Jun 10, 2004
  5. K. Hillyard

    K. Hillyard Guest

    So I tried that - their auto updater claims I have the latest and
    greatest drivers for the SB Live. So I went into the Device Manager,
    manually removed the Creative SB Live! and Creative SB Live! Gameport
    entries, and rebooted. But Windows XP just automatically re-detects
    the hardware, and re-installs the drivers. Back to Creative's
    website, and it says the same thing - that I've got a SB Live
    installed, and all the drivers are up-to-date.

    Is there a "better" way to remove the drivers so I can get them
    reinstalled from Creative's website, rather than having XP do it
    K. Hillyard, Jun 10, 2004
  6. K. Hillyard

    Lenny Guest

    Removing the card in the device manager doesn't actually uninstall
    anything - just as you noticed yourself. :) Try the control panel's
    Add/Remove Programs applet instread. Alternatively, if you don't find any
    helpful info there, there should be uninstall info on the creative site.
    Lenny, Jun 10, 2004
  7. Are you using the Microsoft default drivers or te Creative ones?

    Unless you specifically installed the Creative ones, you're generally better
    off with the Creative ones. Windows Update gives you only the Creative ones.

    Sharanga Dayananda, Jun 26, 2004
  8. Use the manual update and install them manually.

    The auto-update page has an option to install manually.

    Sharanga Dayananda, Jun 26, 2004
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