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Discussion in 'Laptops' started by Axel Werner, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. Axel Werner

    Axel Werner Guest

    Hi there Experts!

    Got a good question for you guys.

    My Notebook, a GERICOM 5in1 (a.k. CLEVO 888e) contains a Pentium 4
    with HT (Hyper-Threading) Technology. The HT feature is DISABLED by
    BIOS and OEM Defaults.

    In the manual (Page 5-17) you'll read:

    Enable Hyper Threading (Power Menu)
    You can enable (the default setting is disabled) Hyper-Threading if
    your computer has an Intel PentiumĀ® 4 Processor with Hyper-Threading
    Technology, running the Windows XP OS. Hyper-Threading will increase
    performance of your computer depending on the hardware and software
    you use. If you do not have a Processor with Hyper-Threading
    Technology, this menu option will not appear. DO NOT enable this
    option in Windows 2000. Once you have enabled Hyper-Threading, DO NOT
    disable the option.

    On the Same Page there is a Remark-Box with more Info:
    To use Hyper-Threading you must have a computer with a Pentium 4
    Processor with Hyper-Threading Technology, running the Windows XP OS.
    The menu option will not appear if your CPU does not support
    Hyper-Threading. If you are updating your BIOS from a previous version
    which did not have the Hyper-Threading option, you must reinstall
    Windows XP after you have updated your BIOS. After installing Windows
    XP you must install the latest versions of the modem & video drivers
    (check with your service center). If you are changing your processor
    from a cpu which supports Hyper-Threading, to one which does not, you
    will need to reinstall your OS.

    Well.. my problem now is, im New to P4 and HT and i dont understand it
    what they mean by "Once you have enabled Hyper-Threading, DO NOT
    disable the option.".

    Why Not? Will Something BAD happen then? Like My CPU is blowing up or
    sumthing? :)

    Or do they base on a Windows XP installation that will change the HAL
    when enabling HT and maybe XP cannot "fall back" on NON-HT Mode?

    Does ANYONE realy KNOWS what is all about that P4 and HT BIOS

    btw: Wondering why im asking here and not the Vendor?? I just say
    "GERICOM"! My experience with this OEM is, THEY'd NEVER helped me!!!
    They just SELL AND FORGET! so i recommend NOT BUYING ANY GERICOM if
    you need Support one day.
    Axel Werner, Aug 28, 2003
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  2. Axel Werner

    Shaun Marolf Guest

    Once you run a program that can utilize HT it will either install or adjust
    itself to it. Shutting down HT after that will cause the programs
    performance to degrade. Since XP has HT ability it will be affected.

    Shaun Marolf, Aug 28, 2003
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  3. Axel Werner

    Axel Werner Guest

    Yeah, well. But as i would expect it, this is only SOFTWARE that i can
    just reinstall (including the OS). So this would contain no danger.
    But do u surly KNOW, that this P4 HT Thingy is not some kind of "ONE
    WAY" Hardware-Gadget that once enabled never can be disabled again? i
    mean.. this manual thingy just "sounds" like something like this. So,
    it isnt dangerous, isnt it? Just because the installed software that
    is maybe changing into HT Support and cant get back to "normal mode",
    Axel Werner, Aug 28, 2003
  4. Axel Werner

    Shaun Marolf Guest

    No it will not damage hardware. If that were the case then you wouldn't
    even be given the option however keep in mind on a laptop system turning
    on HT will eat your battery faster which is most likely why it defaults to
    off but once turned on your SW (XP in particular) will setup to work with
    it and turning it off after that will cause a definite degredation on your
    systems performance so I personally would leave it off. There aren't enough
    SW packages out yet that truly utilize HT to make it worth using on a
    laptop IMHO.

    Shaun Marolf, Aug 28, 2003
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