EP35C-DS3R memory overvoltage control

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by Hueyduck, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. Hueyduck

    Hueyduck Guest

    Hi everyone,

    I'm currently tracking the reason for memory errors in my system (1
    error after 1500% testing by memtest under windows).

    This set of memory sticks is installed:
    G.skill DDR2-1066 PC2-8500 2048 x 2 CL5-5-5- 15 2.0-2.1V

    Under the BIOS "PC Helth Status", I read
    DDR2/DDR3 Voltage 2.032V => this is normal

    In the BIOS, I go to "MB Intelligent tweaker"
    DRAM Timing is on auto and gives 5-5-5-15==> that's normal.

    at the end of the MB intellibngent tweker settings, there are the:
    "system voltage control" wich are set on Auto:

    the DDR/DDR3 OverVoltage Control is set to +0.2V
    With a big fat red comment on the right pannel saying "Warning: Voltages
    may be raised for optimizing overclock".

    I just want my system to ba stable, so I will go unde r the manual
    volatge control and set the DDR2 overvoltage control to "normal".

    And then I have 2 questions:

    Is it possible that this setting is the only cause of my problem (memory

    How can a default setting be unsecure?

    Anyway, I will lauch a new test and let you know how it went. Might be
    useful for someone else.

    Hueyduck, Oct 20, 2009
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  2. Hueyduck

    Hueyduck Guest

    Hueyduck a écrit :
    Just to be precise:
    now that I have set the overvoltage to "normal", the DDR2 voltage is 1.936V
    But the bow of the memory sticks recommend settings from 2.0 to 2.1V.

    Is there something wrong with being a little lower than 2.0V (in my
    case 1.936V)?

    Hueyduck, Oct 20, 2009
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  3. Hueyduck

    jk Guest

    Your dilemma is caused by that your Gskill needs 2.0-2.1 volt. Nominal
    standard voltage for DDR2 is just 1.8 volt. But many brands require
    more than 1.8, per example corsair. Kingston value ram can run with
    1.8 volt. If I were you I would give the ram no less than 2.1 volt.
    An overvoltage of 0.1 volt is a very modest overclocking, and you
    reach that on 2.2 in your case.
    If you insist on 1.93 volt you might have to lower the timings to
    something slower than 5-5-5-15, or lower the speed to below 1066 (266
    x 4), per example 800.
    CPU-z can tell something about how ram runs. Download cpu-z.
    You are lucky that your motherboard can find out to boot with your
    ram. In the beginning of the DDR2 era this was a problem. They could
    only boot default with 1.8, and how do you increase voltage without a
    bios to set it in.

    I have the very same motherboard. I use muskin ram, and runs 800. I
    never loved the motherboard, since it is not willing to run with 4
    sticks of these. So I am stucked at 2x2 Gb. It reboots continuously in
    a cycle with 4 sticks (bios trying to find a compromise).
    I have tried also asus and msi P35 chipset variants, and they wouldn't
    It is probably a P35 limitation. But with AMD I have no problem: 4x2

    best regards

    jk, Oct 26, 2009
  4. Hueyduck

    jk Guest

    I should add that I just flashed the F4 bios from 06/18/09.

    Then added 2 x 2 Gb Kingston value ram PC2 6400 ram sticks additional
    to Mushkin 2 x 2 Gb PC2 6400 ram sticks. It booted and runs fine in
    dual ram mode with these 8 Gb.

    Just ideal for windows 7,64 bits version !

    I am happy again.

    I am not certain if it is the F4 bios, or the kingston ram. But
    previously with 4 mushkin sticks it would never boot.

    best regards

    jk, Oct 29, 2009
  5. Hueyduck

    Hueyduck Guest

    jk a écrit :

    Thanks for sharing.
    I haven't updated my BIOS since I bought the card 1 year ago. It might
    be helpfull.

    Hueyduck, Nov 2, 2009
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