Epox 8K7A+ Northbridge mod gone wrong - help please

Discussion in 'Epox' started by Kath Stennett, Aug 1, 2003.

  1. The northbridge fan on this motherboard became very noisy and after a look
    arounf the newsgroups I found that lots of people have had similar problems.
    Some of them have removed the fans and successfully replaced them with a

    We bought a Zalman Norhtbridge heatsink.

    My son (who has some previous experience with building PC's) has fitted it
    this morning but I think something has gone wrong!

    He removed the fan and installed the heatsink with the adhesive as
    instructed. But when he reboots the computer the motherboard "screams". He
    says it sounds just like someone screaming! The boot indicator lights say FF
    (boot attempt).

    He has a remperature probe in his case and says that neither the CPU nor the
    Northbridge appear to be getting hotter than usual.

    Is the Mobo trashed or is there something we can do?

    Kath Stennett, Aug 1, 2003
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  2. Kath Stennett

    JAD Guest

    is there a 'no fan' warning for the Northbridge?
    JAD, Aug 1, 2003
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  3. Yes, all back together OK I think ... I've had a look myself now too. And
    we've checked the BIOS but theres no sign of a 'no fan' warning there.

    Thanks anyway but I think its a goner! Oh well the fan was unbearbaluy noisy
    so we had to try something ... new mobo now I guess

    Kath Stennett, Aug 1, 2003
  4. Kath Stennett

    spodosaurus Guest

    Is it the case speaker making the noise, or something else?


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    spodosaurus, Aug 1, 2003
  5. No, Definately the Mobo, i powered it up with nothing and, i do mean
    nothing, connected and it gave the same beep code etc, whereas it should
    have given the no processor code...
    Kath Stennett, Aug 2, 2003
  6. Kath Stennett

    Zypher Guest

    Wow! I replaced my NB fan, and its been fine since. (I located a bunch of
    small fans and have several.)
    Zypher, Aug 2, 2003
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