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EPOX 8RDA+ Help Needed!

Discussion in 'AMD Thunderbird' started by Jamie Wharton, Jun 22, 2003.

  1. Hi

    I have just installed the motherboard and I think that Ram slots 2 & 3 may
    be faulty.

    I have two sticks of 512mb PC2100 DDR Ram that are working perfectly, they
    came straight from a working system this morning. They are in with an

    When I boot up my 8RDA+ with just one stick in DDR DIMM slot 1 things work
    fine and my PC boots up.

    However, if I try and boot up with either stick in DDR DIMM slot 2 or 3 on
    its own then I get a 'C1' error on the motherboard display and the PC
    refuses to boot up.

    If I try and boot up with a stick in DDR DIMM slot 1 and then a second stick
    in DDR DIMM slot 2 or 3 I again get a 'C1' error and the PC doesn't boot up.

    I know the 'C1' error refers to memory not being inserted correctly but the
    sticks are inserted firmly and the clips in place.

    So essentially, the Ram is fine as long as I only use DIMM 1...but obviously
    this prevents me using the other slots and I have had to take some Ram out
    to send this email!

    I have not altered any BIOS settings (apart from changing the FSB to the
    correct 133), this is how it worked out of the box.

    Do you think this sounds like it's knackered?


    Jamie Wharton, Jun 22, 2003
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