EPoX Debuts Premium Bundle for its Industry-Leading Motherboards

Discussion in 'Epox' started by EPoX Tech, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. EPoX Tech

    EPoX Tech Guest

    EPoX Debuts Premium Bundle for its Industry-Leading Motherboards

    [Taipei, February 12, 2004]--To celebrate EP-8RDA+ anniversary, EPoX
    launches a Powerpack to enhances EPoX motherboards by providing
    additional items to make building better systems easier than ever.

    In its continuing efforts to provide users with new convenience
    features and enhanced value, EPoX has created the Powerpack bundle for
    its motherboards-including the EP-8RDA+, EP-8RDA3+, EP-4PDA5+, and
    EP-8HDA5+. Powerpack not only allows DIY hobbyists to build the system
    of their dreams quickly and easily, but also ensures that the
    completed system achieves its full potential in terms of performance,
    connectivity, and reliability.

    Among the most exciting highlights of the Powerpack bundle is NVIDIA's
    NVSystemUtilityT* a powerful yet easy-to-use utility that turns
    processor overclocking from a risky "black art" into an eminently
    secure means of wringing the last possible ounce of speed out of a
    system built with an EPoX motherboard-regardless of the particular CPU
    installed. By making overclocking easy to activate and cancel,
    NVSystemUtilityT brings overclocking into the realm of everyday
    computing-it's like a turbo-charging switch for your PC.

    Another Powerpack highlight is Mini Heatsink (Item 1) miniaturized
    heat sinks designed to keep smaller components on the board-such as
    memory modules and PWM Mosfets-from overheating. As the saying goes, a
    chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and Mini Heatsink ensures
    that system stability will not be compromised by a component that is
    neglected by full-size cooling kits. Not only does Mini Heatsink
    ensure the greatest possible system stability, but it helps to prolong
    component life, preserving the investment a user has made in the

    Aside from the valuable extras already mentioned, Powerpack also gives
    EPoX customers a range of other handy items, such as a chassis I/O
    shield, and USB bracket extensions (Item 2). Their inclusion not only
    ensures systems built with EPoX motherboards have these key
    peripherals interfaces in an elegant implementation, but also saves
    users on the cost of purchasing them separately. Powerpack even offers
    a screwdriver (Item 3) and logo stickers (Item 4). The former is not
    only stylishly designed with its own cap, but spares users the time
    and bother of locating a screwdriver of the correct caliber.

    In fact, Powerpack provides users with everything they need to turn an
    EPoX motherboard into the heart of a state-of-the-art, highly
    customizable, fully expandable PC. And to ensure that users can take
    advantage of Powerpack without hassles, clearly written and
    comprehensive documentation and a well-organized CD of software
    drivers are integral parts of the Powerpack.

    *nVidia based motherboard only

    About EPoX Computer Co. Ltd. Established in February 1995, EPoX
    Computer Company is a world-renowned manufacturer of motherboards, IA
    devices, communication devices, and industrial PC motherboards. EPoX
    Computer Company was successfully listed in November 1999 on the
    Taiwan Stock Exchange (TAIEX: 5414). With a strong R&D team, EPoX
    Computer Company was not only able to provide a wide range of products
    but also has been recognized as an innovation pioneer in the field.

    This article applies to:
    EP-4PDA5+ EP-8HDA3+ EP-8RDA+ EP-8RDA3+
    EPoX Tech, Apr 2, 2004
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  2. EPoX Tech

    Paul Taylor Guest

    EPoX Tech wrote:

    What's an 8HDA5+? A typo? I can only find details of the 8HDA3+.
    Paul Taylor, Apr 3, 2004
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  3. EPoX Tech

    EPoX Tech Guest


    It is a real product, but not one sold by EPoX International, Inc in
    the USA.

    Visit the EPoX store: EPoXStore.com stocks all those hard to find
    motherboard accessories... BIOS chips, heatsinks, cables, and much
    more! Also find wireless and bluetooth products.

    Technical Support Department
    EPoX International, Inc.

    EPoX Tech, Apr 5, 2004
  4. EPoX Tech

    Paul Taylor Guest

    I'm in Australia, so we're more likely to get our stock from Taiwan
    I think. I looked at all of the EPoX websites (Taiwan, UK, Netherlands
    etc.), not just the USA - none of them listed the 8HDA5+. Google.com
    found "8HDA5+" only in the press release. I ask if it's a typo because
    at the bottom of the press release, it says:

    This article applies to:
    EP-4PDA5+ EP-8HDA3+ EP-8RDA+ EP-8RDA3+

    The 8HDA3+ certainly does exists, but isn't an nVidia-based motherboard
    which the article seems to be slanted towards.

    It wasn't there, either. ;-)

    Paul Taylor Veni, vidi, tici -
    I came, I saw, I ticked.
    Paul Taylor, Apr 5, 2004
  5. EPoX Tech

    EPoX Tech Guest


    The item is in the press release, but EPoX.com does not sell the
    product so that is why there is limited mention. Since there is so
    much confusion I remove mention of it from our PR.

    Technical Support Department
    EPoX International, Inc.


    Visit the EPoX store for all those hard to find motherboard
    accessories... BIOS chips, heatsinks, cables, and much more!
    EPoX Tech, Apr 6, 2004
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