eSATA on Asus P5WDH - Vista Compatiblity - Configuation - Speed comparison

Discussion in 'Asus' started by John Smith, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. John Smith

    John Smith Guest

    re: the eSATA port on the back of my P5WDH. I have these ?s:

    1. Do you need any special drivers for it?
    2. Does it work w/Vista out of the box?
    3. I have one internal SATA drive and the ICH7R connectors are set to
    "Standard" - no RAID is involved.

    My plan is to plug an eSATA external box w/a SATA drive into that back

    Are there any concerns to be aware of?

    Does anyone know how far you can extend these external eSATA cables?

    How does the speed of eSATA compare w/USB 2.0? the internal SATA interface?
    John Smith, Feb 22, 2007
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  2. John Smith

    John Smith Guest

    From what I can see you need to turn of the JMicron SATA controller and set
    it to Basic Mode.

    Is there only one type of eSATA cable?

    SATAI and SATA II appear to refer to types of SATA drives and their specs
    150 vs. 300 and not to the cable, is that correct?
    John Smith, Feb 22, 2007
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  3. John Smith

    Ron Krebs Guest

    Well, the mobo DID come with two differently colored cables and even refers
    to the orange set as eSATA cables, but I don't see any difference. I'd like
    to know the answer to this question as well.
    I believe that's part of the JMicron setup. When I installed Win XP, I used
    the F6 option and installed both the Intel Matrix and the JMicron drivers.
    But while I knew I'd be using the former in a RAID 0 setup, I installed the
    latter JMicron drivers as AHCI since I planned on eventually using the
    internal JMicron port near the CPU for a single SATA II hotswap drive
    enclosed within one of the 5.25" bays and hence the reason for the AHCI
    option as it supports NCQ and ability to hotswap. However, if I had wanted
    to, in the future, use the external eSATA port in conjunction with the
    internal that I now have hooked up, I would have had to elect the JMicron
    RAID option during the F6 install. Now, I too am wondering if I'll be able
    to use the external port at all. Sure, I could have elected the RAID option
    to begin with, but then I doubt I'd be able to use just the single internal
    port alone. The BIOS gives you the options of RAID, AHCI, or Basic for the
    JMicron controller. But with the Basic, it is my belief that you'd be in IDE
    only mode which I think some refer to as JBOD(Just a Bunch Of Disks) mode
    and would probably lose the ability to hot-swap and possibly even the
    3.0Gbps speed of SATA II. I don't know(someone correct me if I'm wrong).

    I used my single internally connected JMicron SATA II drive for a Vista
    Ultimate 64-bit install and so loaded the 64-bit JMicron drivers for Vista
    during my install of that OS intended as a dual boot setup with my afore
    mentioned XP install (on the Intel RAID drives) and it has worked
    flawlessly. BUT, I didn't take any chances in using the native drivers and
    specifically downloaded these from ASUS to a floppy for the F6 install.

    This being the case, I'd probably set my JMicron controller within the BIOS
    to Basic.

    I would say that they are at least comparable id not giving the edge in
    performance to the eSATA.

    Ron Krebs, Feb 22, 2007
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