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eternal life

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by internet-terminal zz4, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. I mainly use laptops because I'm in tight spaces.

    I almost never use them as a 'portable unit with battery' type

    Example: I go to a library with a scanner and plug the unit into AC.
    Bring a Desktop?

    I have a very bad habit of using older units first and leaving a new
    purchase in a box for years.(I have another thread under cmos batteries)

    #1 QUESTION: Do all 'main batteries' act like Auto Batteries? Don't use
    them and they are DEAD DESTROYED?

    #2 QUESTION: Everybody wants to enjoy the longest usage possible out of
    their unit. (I think)


    I try to use an external keyboard.

    BUT WHAT is this thing about the jacks/connectors ?????????????? I am
    told especially the AC Adaptor jack will fail first. Every usage wiggles
    it and it breaks in time. Is this Packard-Bell !!!!!???? I mean is its
    only support really on the motherboard?

    Right now with my laptop the AC cord is stiff as can be and pulling on
    the jack all the time.

    I've asked about making a homemade male/female male/female connection
    there and leave a several inch stub connected all the time so plugging
    in/out AC is not direct wiggling the motherboard. (no..sorry..the
    male/female is an electronics term)

    So how many do have the AC adaptor cord connection come off (break) the

    I can't even get any info on the AC adaptor wire. [[[[ another issue
    ]]]] One of mine burned out in mid-wire and I spliced it open to find
    what looks like coaxial cable with an aluminum shield. Solder aluminum?
    (add a section of new wire)

    Main question here if anybody can follow me is the AC ADAPTOR PLUG IN
    JACK. How many come off motherboard very easily?
    internet-terminal zz4, Oct 30, 2006
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  2. internet-terminal zz4

    BillW50 Guest

    Best thing you can do is to leave the main battery out of the laptop
    whenever you don't need battery power.
    Oh... I hope you get a great deal on those new ones. As computer
    technology quickly becomes outdated within a few years. I still use two
    Toshiba 2595XDVD from '99 as my spares. One has Windows 98SE and the
    other Windows 2000. Both are painfully slow with modern software. And
    sometimes even with software of that era.
    No just the opposite. Main batteries (Li-Ion type) likes sitting doing
    nothing the best. Just recharge them before they self dischange very 6
    to 12 months and then let them sit again. They can last 10 years or more
    this way.

    If you are worried about the power going out on you, buy a UPS (a cheap
    one like 40 bucks) and plug your laptop into it. That is cheaper than
    buying expensive laptop batteries like every 2 years.
    Yes, out of 6 laptops since '84 of mine is still running. Even 2 from
    the 80's.
    I am not sure why? Is this to save the laptop's keyboard? I have never
    had a keyboard ever fail on my yet (since 1981). Although they do fail
    for other people for some reason. What's my secret? I don't know, I like
    to wash my hands a lot. And I am not a touch typists, nor am I a hunt
    and peck typiests. I use two to three fingers to type and I have to look
    at the keyboard. I type about 30 words per minute. I learned to type on
    an old Remington typewriter. And the smaller fingers couldn't smack the
    keys hard enough to leave a good impression (pun also intended).
    This does happen with a lot of people. But it has never happened to me
    yet. Rule: Don't cause unnecessary stress on the plug and the jack.
    It depends on how much pulling we are talking about? Like a weight of
    say 5 pennys worth always tugging on the plug and jack shouldn't hurt it
    one bit.
    I would do the same thing. But I would only do this if the jack failed
    first. Don't fix anything that isn't broken. ;)
    I believe this only happens if the plug and the jack gets bumped a lot.
    So those no careful will have this problem and those that are careful
    will never see it.
    Power supplies are generic (those made for computers anyway). You just
    need the same voltage, polarity, and the same amperage (or better) and
    there is no reason why it shouldn't work. The only catch I can think of
    is surge current. But normally this is not a problem.
    Not many, but some people claim some models are worse than others. While
    I say not many, I believe most people never see this problem. And for
    some, they often see this problem a lot.
    BillW50, Oct 30, 2006
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  3. If you are not using the battery for portable operation, remove it. It
    will last longest generally unused, however it is best to "cycle" the
    battery somewhat every 3 to 9 months (don't discharge it deeply ... not
    below 25%). It will be destroyed if you let it sit for years with zero use.

    AC jacks are fine if used normally, but what happens is that they get
    abused ... people pull on the cord, often at an angle, and that causes
    simple mechanical failure (think, in particular, someone tripping over
    the cord). I service laptops, and I see 100 to 200 per year. I see a
    few percent of older laptops in which the AC connector has become a
    problem. I'd say that most of the ones that I have seen (in fact,
    really, all of them) were inadequately soldered at the factory to begin
    with. ALL of the ones that I've seen -- a half dozen or so -- were
    fixed just by resoldering. There was no actual hardware damage to the
    connector, but it wasn't soldered well and the solder joint had broken.
    These have all been Toshiba laptops. Some laptops have much flimsier
    connectors that are more prone to failure (but I'd still say mechanical
    failure from mechanical stress).

    You definitely don't want to use a configuration in which, as you put
    it, "the AC cord is stiff as can be and pulling on> the jack all the
    time". That is a prescription for failure, and a failure that would be
    no fault of the laptop or it's maker.

    Barry Watzman, Oct 30, 2006
  4. I know things move FAST.

    I'm kinda freaking out everything soon will be Vista.

    I still have a 300mhz CTX laptop that still works except it has one dead
    tiny line in the LCD. W98. (I think W98 with Bill's updaters is actually

    As of now it is SLOW. Still handles internet but soon an anti-virus
    program will be bigger than the hard-drive. Off-Line with older
    software/hardware I guess is the game.

    I saw note of a $399 Wal-Mart laptop in this 'newsgroup'. Nope. If I
    have laptops now wait till Vista. My collection has been mostly such
    type 'bargains'. (bless credit cards)

    The MAIN battery on the Compaq 2135US? At least computer shop said it
    was 'stone DEAD'. Never used.

    I have 2 never opened' Toshiba's..and 1 Compaq left. I guess it's dumb

    I have bad luck with keyboards and keys going bad. Other than that I
    hate them. Migraine headaches? Big Fingers? An external one is

    Yes. I worry about 'jacks' that might be soldered to the motherboard and
    going bad with 'no abuse'. The old Compaq I just started using the AC-DC
    cord is some 75 watt STIFF STIFF stuff and it seems to put allot of
    tension on the jack on back of laptop. Other things I hear about are LCD
    hinges naturally break after so many sessions.

    The AC/DC adaptor power line. The 'sealed with nuclear glue' box is
    still good but buy new units over some wire? If correct voltage and
    current handling capacity I can't see a problem.

    BUT=== the cable seems to be some aluminum shielded 'something'...
    (solder aluminum) I was told to just get some lamp cord and as long as
    DC +_ correct it would work fine to add into where old cable went bad.
    Solder the 2 inner COPPER wires. I guess don't be concerned with the
    outer 'aluminum SHIELDING'.

    Yes. I wonder about 'surges' but----


    Soooooooo BUY A UPS and plug laptop into it? Never used one.
    Connections an exact fit and variable voltage adjustments? Just what I
    might need. Keep buying these AC/DC adaptor units they want $50-100 for
    and for my purposes the UPS might be wonderful. I generally sit on a bed
    and use the laptop. Every session I have to plug everything in.(tight
    spaces here)

    I don't need any flimsy AC/DC cord except I did get in a habit of going
    to libraries with laptop and scanner. I don't know when they boot you
    out but photocopy machines stink as to images in a book/article. It even
    saves on photocopy charges.

    yapped enough..

    I just stopped by for laptop advice..

    CMOS and hardware 'breakable's etc.etc.
    internet-terminal zz4, Oct 31, 2006
  5. Windows 98 and 98SE are two different operating systems. Updates do not
    change 98 into 98SE, you have to do a total new OS install. While the
    names are similar and the user interface is almost identical, internally
    98SE is actually quite a bit different. In particular, 98SE supports
    WDM model drivers, 98 does not. That means that 98SE will work with ME
    drivers and even some XP drivers. It makes a huge difference, there is
    actually quite a bit of software and hardware that works with 98SE but
    not with 98.

    Some laptops will last just about forever if not abused. And others are
    junk. If you have extra laptops that you don't need, I'd sell the ones
    you are not using on E-Bay. Right now is a far better time to sell them
    than next February .... which will be both after the holidays, and after
    Vista is out.
    Barry Watzman, Oct 31, 2006
  6. I replied by personal email.


    I know nothing about it except my CTX Laptop has only W98 and I can't
    recall anything USB that has not run with it. Even these 'flash drives'.
    Most anything says W98SE minimum but?

    I can't recall installing SE and it seems it would say so in 'computer
    internet-terminal zz4, Oct 31, 2006
  7. internet-terminal zz4

    BillW50 Guest

    Try pressing the Windows key and Pause/Break at the same time. It will
    tell you there.
    BillW50, Oct 31, 2006
  8. USB isn't the issue. The USB support in 98 is fine. But 98SE supports
    WDM model drivers, while 98 (1st edition) does not. This is huge,
    because 98SE can use ME and even some XP drivers. There are many, many
    things that run on 98SE but not on 98. While 98 and 98SE look very
    similar externally, internally they are totally different, and 98SE is
    far better.

    98SE is a totally different OS than 98; there is no upgrade, other than
    to install 98SE as a new OS (there was a 98 to 98SE upgrade CD, but it
    was just a new operating system installation CD).
    Barry Watzman, Oct 31, 2006
  9. internet-terminal zz4

    BillW50 Guest

    It was available for like 30 to 90 days and it was one heck of a deal
    for just 10 bucks. I wish I bought one at the time, as I have to
    purchase the full blown upgrade a bit later. :(
    BillW50, Oct 31, 2006
  10. It was available for a lot longer than that; it was available from when
    98SE came out until slightly after ME came out. It was $15 (still a
    deal), and I bought (and still have) 3 of them. It was only available
    direct from the MS web site.

    As a practical matter, most serious enthusiasts have a 98 full install
    CD, and a product key that works. And 98 didn't do product activation,
    so things that are not legal are still physically possible. However,
    all of this is becomming more and more moot, since the chipsets that
    have been introduced in the past year don't even support 98 or 98SE, at all.
    Barry Watzman, Oct 31, 2006
  11. internet-terminal zz4

    BillW50 Guest

    Hmmm... I remember 10 bucks? Yes I remember it was available from
    Microsoft, but I also remembering (maybe incorrectly) that places like
    BestBuy also carried it.
    BillW50, Oct 31, 2006
  12. My recollection is strongly that the 98 to 98SE upgrade was not
    available at retail. Of course there were 98SE upgrades at retail, and
    they would work to upgrade 98 to 98SE, but they were intended for
    Windows 3.x, Windows 95 and even, if I recall, NT (although not many NT
    users would consider 98SE to have been an "upgrade"). And those were $100.
    Barry Watzman, Nov 1, 2006
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