exhaust fan in a GT4016

Discussion in 'Gateway' started by bpgisme, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. bpgisme

    bpgisme Guest

    Hello, new here. Just have a request for advice....
    I bought a refurbished GT4016 earlier this year from a company called
    Tech For Less. I'm very happy with the system in every way except one,
    even though the poor thing looks as if it had been dropped a couple of
    times and was scratched up and the plastic broken in a few places. The
    system is just fine and much better in many ways than my last system and
    the price was great, under $350. The problem is the cooling. I don't
    know enough to know if the system is running cool enough. It currently
    runs like this: CPU = 54-57c idle -58-63c under load, AMD single core =
    34-37c idle - 45-48c under load. (I regularly monitor the temps using
    Speedfan and AMD assistant and have double checked them using the free
    version of Everest and MBM.) It's about 75-80F in this room with two
    window ACs running. (It's a big room.) The computer is the BTX design
    and has the funnel thing in the front with the intake fan and the power
    supply has a fan and Tech For Less added a heat sink fan when I first
    got the computer to help with the heat problems then. (When I first got
    the system the cpu was idling at 62c!) In the manuals for the system
    there are photos and all the photos show an exhaust fan on the back
    grill. Would I mess anything up if I added one? I think I have
    research overload. I've been looking this up on Google and reading and
    trying to find a simple yes or no, but wow there's so much information
    and I just can't figure it all out. Are these temps normal for this pc,
    or would the exhaust fan help it without causing more problems?
    Thanks... I hope you guys can help.
    bpgisme, Jul 13, 2007
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