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Expert3D lite / XVR-500 66MHz slot blade 1000/2000

Discussion in 'Sun Hardware' started by haydude, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. haydude

    haydude Guest

    Has anyone ever tried an Expert3D lite or an XVR-500 in a Blade
    1000/2000 66MHz PCI Slot?
    Do they work?

    Why the Expert3D lite manual recommends not to install in PCI slot 1
    Is it only a cooling problem or is there more?
    haydude, Oct 19, 2006
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  2. haydude

    haydude Guest

    I tried an Expert3D lite in a Sun Blade 1000 PCI slot 1 (66 MHz).

    The adapter is seen by the OPB and it looks fine, but than Solaris (10
    6/06) complains with a "WARNING turn off the system and move the Expert
    to a 33 MHz slot, blah, blah" at boot.
    Furthermore "fbconfig -list" does not show the card as available.

    It must the OS driver that excludes the card after having detected it
    in the "wrong" slot.

    Anyway, now, even in a 33MHz slot I can finally watch AVI's, full
    screen. Much better than a PGX64 and a great value for money in 2D
    compared to an XVR-500 which is still rated high on eBay. I do not
    think that I will ever use the 3D features.

    haydude, Oct 20, 2006
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  3. I've had a XVR-500 in a 66MHz Blade 1000 slot for years wo problems.
    Fredrik Lundholm, Oct 24, 2006
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