External 5.25" drive enclosures: USB 2.0 or Firewire?

Discussion in 'Abit' started by Doug, May 11, 2005.

  1. Doug

    Doug Guest

    I want to get an external 5.25" drive enclosure (for EIDE [PATA?]) for
    either a large hard drive or possibly a DVD-RW. Is firewire noticeably
    faster than USB 2.0 for this type of application?
    Doug, May 11, 2005
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  2. Doug

    - HAL9000 Guest

    Isn't one of them 480 megabytes per second and the other 450? Would
    you be using PCI plug in adapters in either case? Hard to think that
    there would be a noticeable difference. Not sure if you could see
    interference/collisions, with say a mouse, if using USB - or if that
    sort of interference might be important in your setup and the way you
    use it.


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    - HAL9000, May 11, 2005
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  3. Doug

    - HAL9000 Guest


    You must be the same Doug that dropped his rig. Sorry to hear about
    that. I can see where your going now with an external drive -
    backups. Just to add, a USB would give you greatest flexibility in
    the future (new rig or to connect to a friend's system).

    Also, should have said megabits per second instead of megabytes. Its
    a serial interface ... duh.


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    - HAL9000, May 11, 2005
  4. Doug

    Bill Guest


    excuse the piggyback
    This swings both ways:


    FireXpress 525DX NEW
    5.25? External Enclosure for USB2.0/1.1/1.0 and FireWire

    Bill, May 11, 2005
  5. SATA will smack the crap outta both of 'em.

    I have all three types. I hardly notice any difference between the USB and
    Firewire drives. Subjectively the USB feels a little faster, plus the USB is
    more "transportable" (more computers will have USB than will have Firewre
    connectors) if you wanna move/share large amounts of data from one place to

    With the SATA external though, one doesn't know nor care if one is writing
    to an internal or external drive ... the speed is the same. Blazingly fast!
    Colon Terminus, May 12, 2005
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