External Drive Automatically Unmounts When Changing Accounts

Discussion in 'Apple' started by James L. Ryan, Jun 18, 2005.

  1. Here's what's happening......

    a) I have an external LaCie firewire drive which has seven partitions, "LaCie
    (Sunday)", "LaCie (Monday)", through "LaCie (Saturday)".

    b) I have five user accounts, "adventures", "encounters", "escapades",
    "exasperations", and "explorations". There is a single admin account,

    c) Normally I am logged in to "adventures" and on occasions log in to one of
    the other user accounts. The admin account is used for the installation of
    applications and such and is not normally otherwise used.

    What is happening is that the firewire accounts fail to appear for
    "adventures" but appear automatically when any of the other accounts are
    logged into. Whenever I make "adventures" the active account I have to go to
    Disk Utility to mount the partitions on the external drive. This leads me to
    conclude that there is something "different" about "adventures", but I am at
    a loss as to what this difference could be.

    Help and/or suggestions (other than heaving the whole shebang out the window)
    will be greatly appreciated.
    James L. Ryan, Jun 18, 2005
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  2. In answer to my query above, here's what's happening....

    Whenever an account is logged on any external drives that are not already
    mounted will be mounted. And whenever an account is logged off any external
    drives will be unmounted. The state of mounting established by one account
    will be immediately inherited by any other concurrently logged on account.

    I hope that made sense -- it did to me when I awoke in the middle of the
    night and verified that what I was then thinking would be the system's
    behavior was indeed true!
    James L. Ryan, Jun 18, 2005
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