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Factors why 4200 won't OC ? Ti4200

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Jay Sottolano, Sep 15, 2003.

  1. To all,
    Can someone help with either a link or partial explanation, the factors
    in why a particular card may not overclock as much as another. I am
    running an

    ASUS 4280TD Ti4200 at 4x AGP,
    on an Intel D845PEBT2 MB with
    1 GIG of memory (PC2700)
    533 FSB,
    ASUS 43.25 Drivers,
    Pentiun 2.4
    Win XP Pro SP1

    I am running the 3DMark03 benchmarks. I see the results of others who
    are OC'ing Ti4200 to a much greater degree than I am capable of. The
    defaults on the card are 252 Core and 513 memory. The max I can get to
    without video breakup is 265.5/540. At 300 or so on core, the benchmark
    won't run. At the speeds I can set via RivaTuner, I am comparable with
    any other scores I see people achieving, I just can't get it set to that
    high. Any thoughts are appreciated.

    Jay S.
    Jay Sottolano, Sep 15, 2003
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  2. Could be the other users are using water cooling, live in Eskimo land and
    have the computer case open and outside when they oc, could be anything.
    Could be cheating too, I know people used to cheat on 3d mark 01
    methylenedioxy, Sep 15, 2003
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  3. Hello,
    Thanks for the quick reply. I also wondered if the fact that they were
    the ASUS version of the drivers might have anything to do with it.
    Again, looking at the results online, it seems most folks versions of
    43.25 are recognized as WHQL certified, while the ASUS ones are not,
    even during the installation phase.
    I should have also mentioned that I am running DX9.0A. Thanks again..
    I'd appreciate your thoughts on the drivers. I'll also try loading up
    the NVidia ones to see if it makes any difference (proably not though).

    Jay S.
    Jay Sottolano, Sep 15, 2003
  4. Hello,
    Thanks for the quick reply. I have to leave the window open some cold
    evening, get the machine down in temp, and see if I can push it a little
    more. I wondered also if it could be anything in the ASUS version of
    the drivers vs. the NVidia. You would think they would be the same, but
    the ASUS 43.25's are note recognized as certified, whereas I think the
    NVidia ones are (WHQL?). Haven't tried this with the straight NVidia
    I should have also mentioned in the original note that I am DX9.0a.
    Thanks again.

    Jay S.
    Jay Sottolano, Sep 15, 2003
  5. Jibby,
    Why do you say that you don't think I know what I am doing? I thought
    my question was pretty reasonable. I am seeing folks who are posting
    3DMark03 with Core readings at 300 or so. I assume that the benchmark
    software is picking that up from someone. It is not a "user field" to
    fill in as far as I can see. If you are telling me that a Core of 300
    won't run, then that helps me understand, but I don't understand then
    why results are being posted on Futuremark site to the contrary.

    Jay S.
    Jay Sottolano, Sep 15, 2003
  6. Jay Sottolano

    Jibby Guest

    at 300 or so on the core the benchmark won't run
    when your last overclock was 265.5 do you know what your doing i think not
    Jibby, Sep 15, 2003
  7. I have a Ti4200 and I can overclock it to 300/621 without any artifacts. I
    really haven't tried to narrow down the max, I just stepped up to 300/621
    and it worked. I don't have any special cooling and my AGP bus freq. is
    default and so is the voltage. I use the nVidia 44.03 drivers.

    Look in your BIOS and make sure your AGP voltage is default and your AGP
    freq. is 66MHz. Set your AGP aperture to 128MB. I assume by the 513 that
    your card has 64MB of ram, is that correct? The 64MB cards have faster ram
    than the 128MB cards. If I remember ASUS did have a 128MB card with fast ram

    So, what's wrong with your system? I assume you have a heatsink and fan on
    the card. If the freq. and voltage are correct, then the problem is either
    with the drivers of there's something wrong with the video card.

    For me, drivers have never had any effect on overclocking. Keep your core at
    say 270 and try 580 for ram.

    I suppose you could have a power supply problem but I really doubt it.

    Too_Much_Coffee ®
    Too_Much_Coffee ®, Sep 15, 2003
  8. Jay Sottolano

    Biz Guest

    The chips are all a little bit different, due to slight manufacturing
    differences. Its purely luck of the draw how well it will o/c besides the
    cooling factors you apply. Thats why Golden sample type cards typically o/c
    better, those cards are tested to make sure the chips are the cream of the
    crop. Its no different than the concept of o/c'ing a cpu, two identical
    processors will most likely not o/c to the same exact level. I'm surprised
    not one person gave you that answer b4 I got to this post.
    Biz, Sep 15, 2003
  9. Hello and thanks,
    Checked out the BIOS setting and the AGP aperture was set at the
    default 64, so trying things at 128. My card has 128. There doesn't
    appear to be a setting for the freq. and voltaage on the Intel MB, but
    all voltages appear normal. It is a 431W Enermax Power supply, so I
    don't think that is the issue. The Guru3D site says that about 10% over
    default is about the limit you might expect, which is right about where
    I am (I imagine I can get little closer). Changing the BIOS AGP
    aperture didn't seem to do much.
    What are your default card settings? I know that the 64MB were faster
    in some cases.

    Jay S.
    Jay Sottolano, Sep 15, 2003
  10. Jay Sottolano

    Chimera Guest

    Thats cool jibby, let him fry it
    Chimera, Sep 15, 2003
  11. Somebody might have mentioned it if he was able to overclock the card more
    than 265/540. His default is 252/513. The worst card on the planet should be
    able to do better than 265/540; especially an ASUS. He's barely getting 5%

    Too_Much_Coffee ®
    Too_Much_Coffee ®, Sep 15, 2003
  12. Jay Sottolano

    Biz Guest

    Technically, I don't believe the cards have to support ANY o/c'ing. I think
    the only company to guarantee some o/c'ing is the golden samples, or another
    company's equivalent. many of the cards are using the exact same chips,
    like Ti 4200, 4400, 4600, etc..., the ones that clocked out at this speed
    become 4200's, this higher speed 4400's etc..., just like processors did, or
    still do, I'm not sure...
    Biz, Sep 15, 2003
  13. My defaults are 250/513. You're only able to get a 5% OC. I am getting a 21%
    OC. Look at your ram chips on the card. It should say something like -40
    or -36 after one of the numbers. -40 is 4 nanosecond and -36 is 3.6ns.
    What's the ram brand?

    If your ram is 4.5ns (-45) then at 513 your card is already overclocked
    because the default for 4.5ns ram is 444MHz. That would make your default
    settings 250/444; not 252/513.

    No, changing you AGP aperture size won't effect the OC but some of the BIOS
    settings will up your 3DMark score.

    Too_Much_Coffee ®
    Too_Much_Coffee ®, Sep 15, 2003
  14. Jay Sottolano

    Mark Nichols Guest

    I can get my Ti4200 (64meg) to 310/620 Mhz stable no artifacts.... Then
    320/630 Mhz with artifacts...

    Some suggestions/questions....

    Make sure the GPU cooler has a nice thin layer of thermal paste between the
    entire GPU surface and heatsink...

    How hot is your case???

    Have you tried your card in someone else's machine???
    Mark Nichols, Sep 15, 2003
  15. To all,
    I appreciate all the replies, but I am more confused (welll not
    totally) then when I started. Some posts make it sound like moving the
    core to 300 will "fry" the card, while the opposite sounds like I should
    be able to get up (at least near it) with ease. I will have to pull
    the card and look at the chips as someone suggested. Case and MB temps
    are not incredibly warm I don't think (around 34 - 37C). So I'm not
    quite sure who to believe at this point. As I said if I accept the 10%
    rule that 3DGuru talks about, I'm in that ballpark. My cards scores are
    comparable to those with similar core and memory spees settings, I just
    can't reach some of the levels others here are talking about.

    Jay S.
    Jay Sottolano, Sep 15, 2003
  16. Jay Sottolano

    tHatDudeUK Guest

    The type of cooling with the card (my ti4200 Leadtek has a big aluminum
    thing around it), case airflow (intake fans and outlet fans), temperature of
    the room, quality of the power supply.

    I currently have mine at 292/540 with no apparent problems. Haven't tried
    faster yet. I think I have had faster but I only just swapped out my mobo
    and reinstalled windows so I have other things to fiddle with...
    tHatDudeUK, Sep 15, 2003
  17. Jay Sottolano

    iamnotme Guest

    I have an ASAUS V8420 deluxe (with ViVo features)...this is the ASUS card
    that has 128mb of 3.3ns ram.
    I have been using ASUS SmartDoctor to o/[email protected] its highest setting of 275/600
    it runs smooth as silk...not very agresssive o/c'ing, but still much higher
    than your results. I'll have to try out riva tuner to see how high i can
    go...for now i'm fine with this performance.

    somethin's either wrong with your card or as another poster mentioned,
    getting a gpu chip or ram that doesn't o/c so well is also a possibility.
    that would be so sad, especially with an ASUS card.

    good hunting,
    iamnotme, Sep 21, 2003
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