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Discussion in 'Apple' started by Holger Freese, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. 467. The reason of effects.--Epictetus. Those who say, "You have a
    headache"; this is not the same thing. We are assured of health, and not of
    justice; and in fact his own was nonsense.

    And yet he believed it demonstrable, when he said, "It is either in our
    power or it is not." But he did not perceive that it is not in our power to
    regulate the heart, and he was wrong to infer from this the fact that there
    were some Christians.

    468. No other religion has proposed to men to hate themselves. No other
    religion, then, can please those who hate themselves, and who seek a Being
    truly lovable. And these, if they had never heard of the religion of a God
    humiliated, would embrace it at once.

    469. I feel that I might not have been; for the Ego consists in my thoughts.
    Therefore I, who think, would not have been, if my mother had been killed
    before I had life. I am not, then, a necessary being. In the same way I am
    not eternal or infinite; but I see plainly that there exists in nature a
    necessary Being, eternal and infinite.

    470. "Had I seen a miracle," say men, "I should become converted." How can
    they be sure they would do a thing of the nature of which they are ignorant?
    They imagine that this conversion consists in a worship of God which is like
    commerce, and in a communion such as they picture to themselves. True
    religion consists in annihilating self before that Universal Being, whom we
    have so often provoked, and who can justly destroy us at any time; in
    recognising that we can do nothing without Him, and have deserved nothing
    from Him but His displeasure. It consists in knowing that there is an
    unconquerable opposition between us and God, and that without a mediator
    there can be no communion with Him.

    471. It is unjust that men should attach themselves to me, even though they
    do it with pleasure and voluntarily. I should deceive those in whom I had
    created this desire; for I am not the end of any, and I have no
    Holger Freese, Dec 27, 2007
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