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Feedback on Sun SE 6120 series or similar

Discussion in 'Sun Hardware' started by Jochen Kaiser, Oct 25, 2003.

  1. Hello,

    we're looking forward to buying a project specific SAN solution.
    The SAN should be able to support our pilot, production and maybe even
    our two test environments. (total of ~2.5TB)
    We're currently sharing a HDS Thunder 9570 with other projects and have
    just migrated from a heavily used EMC Symmetrix 8830. Both SANs provided
    extremly disappointing performance (probably rather due to the
    inexperience of out hosting partner than due to the product itself)

    Because we only run SUN Servers, I'd prefer to get my SAN components
    from SUN. After doing a quick assessment of the available products, the
    6120 or maybe the 6320 series should suit our needs for performance,
    price, available space and availability. The rebadged HDS systems (SE
    99x0) seem like a bit of an overkill for a single project solution and
    the rebadged Dothills (SE 3x10) only offer JBOD on the SCSI expansion units.

    A fully equipped (84x73GB) 6120 Array could host our system easily
    leaving room for 3 years of 30% growth. However I haven't heard anything
    about the new midrange series, whether good or bad.

    So is anyone out there with experience on the T4/6x20 to share?
    Are there any other brands/models which we should take into account?

    We're especially looking for a fool-proof solution, which is very easy
    to host and maintain.

    Many thanks in advance for any information,
    best regards,

    Jochen Kaiser
    Jochen Kaiser, Oct 25, 2003
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  2. Jochen Kaiser

    Scott Howard Guest

    Umm.. no they don't. The RAID 3310's support RAIDing of up to 36 disks,
    12 in the base unit and 12 in each of the 2 expansion units.

    The expansion units themselves _are_ a JBOD (ie, they don't have a RAID
    controller) but that's just because the RAID is done by the controller
    in the master unit. From the host point of view you only talk to the
    RAID controller in the master unit - what happens behind the scenes
    isn't visable.

    Scott Howard, Oct 25, 2003
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