File compare between ipod and computer?

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Amanda Ripanykhazov, Mar 14, 2010.

  1. Had a hard drive crash and lost my library. Restored the whole library
    of whatever was on the iPod to my MacBookPro using Pod to Mac. Seems
    like a great program?

    Now I am not sure I can sync new CDs from my collection by inputting
    them into iTunes because there is a major discrepancy between what is
    on the iPod and what is now on the computer: The music library on the
    computer now shows 2642 'songs', 13.28 GB of data (I only have 'songs'
    on the iPod, never having figured out how to get my Mpeg videos onto

    The iPod however shows 14.77 GB data and over 2900 songs: Do I
    somewhere have over 200 'lost' songs? (actually they are all tracks
    from CDs which I can replace with the CD tracks if they are actually
    lost and are all on the same CDs: I never download songs)

    Does anyone have any idea what is going on please? Is there any way of
    doing a file compare between the files on the computer and what
    appears to be the metadata on the iPod? (I tried asking this question
    on iLounge and not only did no one seem to know the answer but I even
    found someone else with the same unanswered problem, though he had
    just found a way of copying all the individual tracks to his hard
    drive in disk mode, which I didnt think you could do)
    Amanda Ripanykhazov, Mar 14, 2010
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  2. Amanda Ripanykhazov

    dg Guest

    I don't do much with my Mac anymore (B&W w/ 10.4) other than home
    theater, and have zero experience with iPods (they conflict with my
    hyper-vigilance) but it seems to me that both have file systems and so
    the BSD "diff" command could be used. To confirm this and check on how
    the command would have to be structured, I'd suggest (a) borrowing a
    new iPod (in case of file structure failure, stuff happens when you're
    shooting in the dark, y'know) and (b) reading the manual file on the
    diff command. As I recall, you'd open command prompt (it has a
    different name) and type

    diff /?
    to find out what options are available, and
    diff -man
    to find out how to use the command.

    My experience using Unixes and Linuxes says, make sure you've got your
    printer configured so that you can print the files you look up.
    dg, Mar 16, 2010
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