Final verdict on 8GB on a P5N-E SLI (650i)?

Discussion in 'Asus' started by benn, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. benn

    benn Guest

    I've read conflicting reports that 8GB (2GB on each of the 4 slots)
    isn't as reliable as only using 1 channel (2 unbuffered non-ECC DDR2
    slots). I've also read where some people got it to work after
    upgrading the bios to v1301 and slowing the memory speed down to 667.

    I'm running 2GB on XP 32bit, but with Windows7 64bit coming out soon,
    I'd like to upgrade the memory with a known working manufacturer (and
    settings if they need to be tweaked). The manual does not show *ANY*
    "Qualified Vendor" for 2GB memory?

    Any recommendations?

    Also, I'm planning on having a dual boot setup, will the bios be the
    same for xp 32-bit and windows7/vista 64 bit?
    benn, Apr 25, 2009
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