Fingerprint reader Biometric login issue

Discussion in 'HP' started by snow.paul, Oct 28, 2005.

  1. snow.paul

    snow.paul Guest

    I have an HP Compaq nx6125...

    I got the fingerprint login to work. Yea!

    But now it often pops up a message:

    "The system has cancled the current operation due to a long period of
    inactivity. ..."

    I have to mouse over and click the back button then the next button on
    the dialog. Then enter my fingerprint again.

    This is really annoying, and doesn't add any security at all to the
    system. Why can't the fingerprint reader reset itself without my "back
    button/next button" help? It isn't like someone breaking into my
    laptop can't hit the back/next buttons.

    Does anyone know about a fix for this? HP claims to have a fix, which
    I have installed, but it didn't help me because I'd already set my
    account up with the old software. HP suggested I set up a different
    user account in order to get the fixes, or if I have to keep the user
    name I'm using (which I do), then I should reformat and rebuild the

    I don't even know for sure if the fixes I downloaded address this issue
    or not!!!

    Does anyone know the details?
    snow.paul, Oct 28, 2005
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