Firewire 800 adapter for Precision 670

Discussion in 'Dell' started by maps, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. maps

    maps Guest

    I'm looking for a suitable 1394 Firewire adapter for the Dell 670
    Workstation that will plug into a PCIX slot. IIRC the PCIX is 64-bit,
    and that's what's needed for 800 MBps?

    The 670 already has Firewire but it's 6-pin and 400 speed. My new
    Passport Studio has Firewire 9-pin jacks. It could work with an
    adapter cable to 6-pin jack on the PC but I'd like full tilt 800.

    Please advise.. the PCI spec confuses me, especially PCIX.


    p.s. what happened to the Adaptec 8300 board? That would be
    maps, Jun 27, 2012
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