Firewire and Raid, have them both and double the speed ??

Discussion in 'Asus' started by We Live For The One We Die For The One, Mar 4, 2004.

  1. Or it don't work that way ??

    We Live For The One We Die For The One, Mar 4, 2004
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  2. They are completely seperate technologies. One is a generic 'name' for using
    multiple drives as if they were a single unit, which can (according to how
    you arrange the drives), provide data redundancy, increased speed, reduced
    speed, increased latency, decreased latency etc. etc., according to the
    configuration used. The other is a simple 'connection' system to allow data
    to be moved from a device to the PC (and vice versa). There is nothing at
    all to stop you having a RAID array, and connecting it to a host PC using
    firewire, or using firewire interfaced drives, and running these in a RAID
    array. However in general if you want the 'ultimate' performance, on most
    PC's it'll be the internal PCI bus that is now the bottleneck now. On server
    systems, and fast workstations wanting massive throughput, it is common to
    use a RAID array with it's own intelligence, and connect this to the PC
    using fibre-channel (fibre optic link with more speed than firewire), using
    a card on a 64bit/66MHz PCI slot...
    Some modern drives, are locally able to axceed the speed of Firewire, so if
    multiple drives were connected using a Firewire interface, this would become
    the bottleneck.

    Best Wishes
    Roger Hamlett, Mar 4, 2004
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  3. We Live For The One We Die For The One

    Ben Pope Guest

    What are you talking about?

    Ben Pope, Mar 4, 2004
  4. I think he wants to know if he can connect 2 external drives via
    FireWire and run them in a RAID mode??

    To the original OP:

    Uhmm, AFAIK, *no* but YMMV, see below.

    You may find a external RAID controller/tower that has a seperate card
    and PSU/drives that connects via a firewire or USB2.0 and acts as a
    single unit, but I think it would be pretty expensive.
    Philip Callan, Mar 4, 2004
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