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Firmware Developer Opportunities at SigmaTel, Inc. Austin, TX

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by sylarte, May 26, 2005.

  1. sylarte

    sylarte Guest

    Update to following job posting. You can contact me directly a
    512-381-3764. E-mail: .

    Firmware Developer
    Design and implement firmware for the SOC firmware development team.
    variety of areas of programming skills may be used in this positio
    including device drivers for a variety of device types, file systems
    system related programming (e.g. kernel support), audio streaming, etc.
    There are also a wide range of openings in terms of needed skill
    Depending upon skill level, a highly experienced candidate for thi
    position may be tasked with responsibilities ranging from software syste
    architecture making high level design decisions, while an entry leve
    developer could be more focused upon implementing designs defined by othe
    software designers. Developers hired into this position will experience
    well organized software development process, in an organization carefull
    constructed to support their success.
    Minimum Requirements:
    • Excellent C programming skills
    • 4 years real time embedded system software design experience—not jus
    maintenance or support experience
    Applicable experience in some of the areas below is required:
    • Experience with software development for ARM core and or DSP56k core
    • USB
    • SCSI protocol
    • File systems
    • Hard drives
    • Flash media
    • Display drivers
    • USB Mass Storage Class Devices experience a plus
    • PTP—Picture Transfer Protocol and/or MTP—Media Transfer Protocol
    • Familiarity with audio and/or various audio compression formats such a
    MP3 and WMA (not an algorithms expert)
    • Ability to review/debug assembly required. Ability to implement a plus

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    sylarte, May 26, 2005
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