Firmware problem of DVD-E616P2 and DVD-E616P3!

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Patrick Lam, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. Patrick Lam

    Patrick Lam Guest

    Sorry if this is not the right place. I have tried a few others but still
    have not received any reply. If this is really not the right group to post,
    please point me to the right one. Thanks.


    I recently purchased two Asus DVD ROM, one is DVD-E616P2 and another one is

    DVD-E616P2 comes with firmware v1.0.7 and DVD-E616P3 comes with v1.0.5 at
    the time of purchase.

    Both of them have a strange problem when I use it with a CDRW or DVD-RW
    (mostly with Power Producer) -- both of them always take over the DVD-RW (or
    CDRW) as the RW drive!! In other words, when I tried to write something
    onto a DVD-R or DVD-RW, Power Producer always think that E616P2 or E616P3 is
    the DVD-RW!! Of course, nothing can be written at the end.

    However, I tried to downgrade E616P2 to firmware v1.0.3, it fixed the

    But there is no such comparable firmware version for E616P3. I tried both
    v1.0.5 and v1.0.6 posted on the website, E616P3 still doesn't work!!

    Can the Asus support team try to figure out what the problems is and come up
    with a fixed version for E616P3?

    Thanks a lot in advance.


    Patrick Lam, Jun 22, 2005
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  2. Patrick Lam

    Paul Guest

    Why not phone Asus tech support and report the problem ?
    The only way a fix will eventually occur, is if a problem is
    reported, and is forwarded to their development people.
    They don't read newsgroups, have trouble with email, and
    the phone is the only way to be sure you've reached them.

    This private forum is a good place to look for ideas. There
    is a search button, so you can search the forums for "e616p3".
    Perhaps if you post your question there, someone will have
    a creative solution for you.

    Paul, Jun 22, 2005
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  3. Patrick Lam

    Patrick Lam Guest

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will try that.


    Patrick Lam, Jun 23, 2005
  4. Patrick Lam

    got_one_too Guest

    I've got a E6162P and I only use it to watch DVDs with. I let it burn
    out it's motor for a couple of hours instead of my burners.

    It's a real lousy DVD-Rom drive.

    If you look at the history of firmware updates for the E6162P, you'll
    notice each is for some incompatibility with some software program.
    Even after all the updates, the E6162P STILL doesn't work like any
    typical dvd-rom drive. The stupid thing won't even return simple
    information like manufacturer media codes with the usual dvd
    identifier programs.

    It's also a lousy reader compared to my burners. Single layer isn't
    too bad, but it has a lot of problems trying to read the back side of
    a double layer disk.

    My advice is to stay away from these dvd-roms.

    PS yeah, I got suckered by a "great" review. I saw the review's
    author get called on it in a forum once. His reply was something like
    "oh well".

    My opinion on dvdroms is they're pretty damn cheap these days and
    don't expect much. Use your older dvd burners (your old 4x and 8x
    models) for DVDroms instead of the $25 junk.
    got_one_too, Jun 23, 2005
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