Fix Bootcamp … 3TB is not rare any more.

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Frank O'Connor, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. Apple really ought to get its act into gear. There's been way too many
    fails recently.

    There are any number of software issues currently pending (in IOS 6,
    Maps, et alia) but when they sell Macs with certain drive
    configuarations, then their software ought to work on those drive

    The latest for me is that BootCamp won't install Windows on drives over
    2.2 TB in size. Apple have known this for nearly two years (hey, that's
    when they first put up a notice at acknowledging the
    problem), and have failed to rectify it. Now previously they had a
    (very thin) excuse for not doing so. Hey the maximum sized internal
    drive you could get from Apple until recently was 2 GB … so the problem
    didn’t arise for BootCamp unless you installed a larger third party

    However now they offer 3GB conventional and Fusion internal drives with
    their new model iMac.

    I just took delivery of a Fusion Drive one. Nice machine. Real quick
    disk I/O. Went berserk and got a Promise RAID drive with it … so the
    world is currently my quick storage oyster.

    To get Windows 7 64 bit installed on the internal drive was an
    interesting exercise, only made possible by the developer of the
    Winclone package (Twocanoes Software) who in an essay on same, written
    about 18 months back, explained the problem and laid down the various
    partitioning and other steps necessary to allow the installation of
    Windows on new Macs. The guy is a legend … buy his package if you need
    a BootCamp partition backup solution.

    But what I'd like to know is that if he's figured out how to do it 18
    months ago, and his method works, why haven't the 'Geniuses' in Apple's
    software development departments figured out how to automate the bloody
    thing in Bootcamp Assistant after the problem has been hitting them
    between the eyes for nigh on two years. I mean, it wasn't exactly a

    Now the last version of Bootcamp Assistant was released in October
    2012, just before they announced the new iMacs and it won’t install
    Windows on a large hard drive. I'm presuming that new MacPros are
    fairly close to being released, given that they haven't been updated
    for a couple of years now … and they will in all likelihood have drive
    options that are WAY bigger than the 3TB maximum in the iMacs … so the
    problem is likely to become more pronounced 'as time goes by'.

    Is Apple simply hoping that this problem goes away? Are they content to
    adopt the Bill Gates "Nobody will ever need more than 640K of RAM'
    solution? Or are they gonna get their Bootcamp mavens on the job and if
    necessary AppleScript the various routines that need doing as part of
    the DiskUtility/BootCamp Assistant process to ensure that those who do
    buy Apple's latest and greatest aren't hamstrung in functionality
    because they bought the leading edge?

    Just my 2 cents worth ...
    Frank O'Connor, Jan 24, 2013
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  2. Oh yeah …

    For those of a more pendantic bent … read 'TB' for 'GB' in this puppy.
    Frank O'Connor, Jan 24, 2013
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