Fixed problem machine not booting with 2 512 modules installed

Discussion in 'Abit' started by John F. Regus, Dec 20, 2004.

  1. The problem I posted about the machine not booting when I installed a second
    CMX512-32002CPT Corsair module.
    1. I knew that for DDR 400Mhz support the second module had to be installed
    in DIMM3, which is what I did
    initially but only got a boot screen with the processor listed AMD 3200
    2. I took the memory module out of DIMM3 so I could at least boot up into
    the BIOS. I switched the keyboard and mouse to get its information from the
    BIOS and not the OS.
    3. I put the module back into DIMM3.
    4. The bios screen at boot came up and I was able to get into the bios
    settings. I took a hard look at the memory settings.
    The ABIT whizzards in their support section always told me to load the
    optimized defaults, when I first got the board, and setting the machine to
    3200(400) would not stick and the machine kept going into DDR266 mode. So I
    set the thing using the load optimized defaults, and it recognized the
    Barton 3200 and set the DDR at 400. But this was with the single memory
    5. So back to 2 and having the second memory module installed. I got into
    the bios and looked at the memory settings which were all set to by SPD or
    AUTO whatever the optimized defaults set them to. I knew something was
    rotten in Denmark when I saw the default was set at one bank interleave, so
    I manually set the machine to manually allow 4 bank interleave because to
    get 400 Mhz DDR you have to have the modules in DIMM1 and DIMM3.

    When I booted this time with the 4 bank interleave set up, it booted like a

    ABIT could spend a little more time on their setup instructions instead of
    trying to explain everything in one or two simple sentences, this problem
    would have disappeared. The only reason I set the machine this way was
    because I remember what was in the ASUS manual, which I would still have if
    Promise for their S150 SX4 raid controller would write a new bios to support
    the latest NVIDIA MCP southbridge, but Promise is to lazy to do so...well
    they are going to get bitten because 9 out of 10 motherboards are going with
    NVIDIA chipset.

    Anyway...I would like to try some overclocking now, so if anyone has an AMD
    3200 on their KV7 motherboard with PC3200 memory I would like to know their
    magic numbers for a stable runnig machine, including increasing the Mhz bus
    speed overclocking.

    John F. Regus, Dec 20, 2004
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  2. John F. Regus

    0_Qed Guest


    Glad you got your 'problem' solved .

    Dont quite understand your 'term' "switched the keyboard" ...
    Can you add 'me' some illumination.

    Gotta guess you went from USB to Serial kybd ... 'y' ???

    Always 'nice' to have that happen.

    memory module install/setup can be a black art if you're not up
    on the details ... even then, its troublsome at times.

    Tech Writers are 'damned' if they "do" , damned if they "dont".
    Mostly, they use BIG mortors ,
    have a HUGE supply of amply 'chained' petards on hand.

    Let 'us' know how you make out, please.

    0_Qed, Dec 20, 2004
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