Flash BIOS went wrong. Help!

Discussion in 'AOpen' started by Ar Q, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. Ar Q

    Ar Q Guest

    I have flashed BIOS many times. This is the first time something went wrong.
    My motherboard is Aopen DX34R-U. Everything was good as supposed to be. But
    after I saw the message, "Flash is complete, please turn off or push reset
    button then press DEL to enter BIOS menu", I pushed reset and only saw a
    black screen and heard "one long and two short beeps"-- Award BIOS' only
    beep code indicating no video. It is the same beeps I have heard the
    following three days.

    The BIOS chip is soldered, it is very hard to replace it. Does anyone know
    the precedure to flash corrupted BIOS in "blind" since I have no video?

    Ar Q
    Ar Q, Aug 27, 2006
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  2. Ar Q

    Kent_Diego Guest

    Did you try clearing the CMOS battery jumper? Some MBs have a way to recover
    from corrupt flash. My ASUS will look for a file on CD-ROM. The AOpen
    site"s FAQ says:

    Q72: What to do if the BIOS was screwed up after the flashing process?
    In most cases the BIOS has to be re-programmed with a EPROM writer;
    you could ask your reseller for help, or contact our service center near
    you. But before that, you could try the following first:

    Bootblock takes 8K space in the BIOS, usually it will be left intact
    during the flashing process. Once the flashing failed but fortunately the
    bootblock has not been corrupted, systems with PCI or ISA display cards will
    still show bootblock when booting, while those with AGP cards won't. And the
    floppy LED will blink at this moment. Assuming that you have saved the
    downloaded BIOS flash execution file (take ax6b210.exe for example) to a
    bootable disk, insert it into the floppy drive and type

    A:\>ax6b210 /Py /Ry

    then enter. For AGP users, sorry this has to be done blindly. After a
    while (say, one minute or so) reboot the system to see if the system could
    be restored. If not, perhaps the BIOS has been physically damaged or the
    bootblock has also been corrupted, sorry please ask for RMA service.
    Kent_Diego, Aug 28, 2006
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  3. Ar Q

    ArNeo Guest

    I had it once long time ago, i used a bootfloppy
    with files with specific naming.
    The error message was with the word "bootblock" if i remember correctly.
    * see the biosman-link below

    Afterthat you turn on your system and press a specific key,
    i thougt is was <F2> witch automaticly boots from floppy.

    here are some links with more info i hope 4 u

    Goodluck! Ciao
    ArNeo, Aug 29, 2006
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