Flashing the bios from Windows seems like a bad idea ?!? (Also does asus report on investigations ?)

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Skybuck The Destroyer, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. Hello,

    Asus has made available a tool to flash the bios from Windows !

    I have not used this tool, but it is installed on my system ?

    I do not know how it works ?

    Is there a windows api for slashing the bios ?

    What does asus use ?


    I think this is/could be dangerous !

    Virusses, trojans, worms could use asus software to flash bios and
    destroy them ?!

    My motherboard is now as good as dead.

    I still think it's from power surges from the power button hanging or
    possibly beta bios 1405.

    I have contacted my supplier and soon Asus will probably see my
    motherboard returned to them =D

    The motherboard has a 3 year warranty.

    Asus will probably send me a new motherboard and I wonder which bios
    version will it have ?

    I hope it will have a newer stable bios version, it probably will ;)

    I also kinda hope it will fix the sound issue with x-fi and
    battlefield 2.

    Probably not though !

    If asus wants I could write "skybuck" on it lol.

    But I won't do that because maybe they won't like that.

    Ofcourse the supplier could attach a note writing: "this motherboard
    is from skybuck" :)

    Hmmm that raises an interesting.

    I *really* would like to know Asus's oppinion on:

    1. What is wrong with the motherboard ?

    2. What damaged it ?

    These are good questions...

    I will ask these question to my supplier as well, in case I don't get
    a response on this newsgroup.
    (Ofcourse they can't react now because they haven't examined it yet :)
    only share other experiences maybe)

    Because knowing what killed it, might prevent another kill in the
    future !

    But my main point/question is:

    Will asus report it ? Will they tell it to my supplier ? or to me ?
    after they examined it...

    Oh well, time will tell... I don't think so... but I would be amazed
    if they did report it... that would be handy and cool and nice too,
    unless they come to a really mean conclusion ofcourse LOL.

    I am not even 100% sure the motherboard is dead, just 99.9% ;)

    Skybuck The Destroyer, Jun 1, 2007
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  2. Skybuck The Destroyer

    Paul Guest

    Flashing from Windows doesn't sound like a good idea. Using a
    DOS boot floppy, and flashing from there, might be less risky,
    as there isn't a complete Windows OS to mess it up.

    Asus won't tell you what was wrong. They could either return
    your original motherboard, or send a refurbished (repaired) one,
    not necessarily the same one you gave them. Look for a serial
    number on the motherboard or some other kind of unique sticker,
    if you wish to track whether the same motherboard came back or not.
    There are sometimes several stickers on a motherboard, and
    they can be stuck to the side of a connector on the motherboard

    Paul, Jun 1, 2007
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  3. Skybuck The Destroyer

    Skybuck Guest

    Exactly !

    Seems like these Asus boys not too smart? :)

    Maybe it's marketing/competitor thing:

    Look: "we got this nice-and-neat windows-dumby-bios-update-tooooo"


    Look: "We don't limit your choices, we just put your PC at risk,
    that's all =D"

    Skybuck =D
    Skybuck, Jun 2, 2007
  4. Skybuck The Destroyer

    GMAN Guest

    What i dont understand from you guy is, you say that you are fearfull of
    flashing from windows for fear of messing up, yet you trust DOS and a 25 year
    old disk technology to do the flash?
    GMAN, Jun 2, 2007
  5. Skybuck The Destroyer

    Skybuck Guest

    Did dos ever let you down ?

    Dos only sucked for networks is my oppinion <- bad drivers sometimes.

    Dos was an 8 bit mainframe operating system once, they are known for
    their reliability.

    Same can absolutely not be said for microsoft ;)

    Maybe microsoft should try to get into the mainframe bussiness or
    something :)

    Neh... they would never do that... they a bunch of scared pussies...

    I wonder what would happen if big main frames would run microsoft
    software ?

    Would microsoft go instantly bankrupt if those mainframes go down for
    say a month or so ?

    I think so.... ;)

    Way too risky for microsoft.

    Only big players like IBM can afford to take a hit there ?

    Just guessing though :)

    My list of reliable microsoft operating systems:

    1. Ms-Dos 6.2
    2. Windows XP 32 bit pro (after modifications and updates).
    3. Windows 95 later editions.

    Actually I kinda miss the old ms-dos days and reliability and fast

    I do like the windows GUI era though :)

    Skybuck, Jun 2, 2007
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