flat panels whose bottom edge is near the working surface

Discussion in 'Dell' started by nlehrer, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. nlehrer

    nlehrer Guest


    i just got a new dell at work and i have a problem. i wear progressive
    glasses - the correction changes vertically with close in correction at
    the bottom. the monitor with this system bottom edge is about 4 or 5
    inches above the desk. so, to look at the screen i tend to tilt my
    head back which is not good for my neck. has anyone seen flat panels
    with screens that go lower toward the working surface. i had a laptop,
    which was good for that purpose, but the screen was only 14", so i
    asked for a desktop. now, i have a different headache. anyone know of
    flat panels that can be lowered more?
    nlehrer, Dec 27, 2005
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  2. nlehrer

    Notan Guest

    They make computer desks, where the computer's screen is mounted below the
    level of the desk. To look at the screen, you essentially look at the desk.

    Notan, Dec 27, 2005
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  3. nlehrer

    Tom Scales Guest

    The monitor will have a standard VESA mount on the back. You can remove the
    stand. Get a nice adjustable third party stand or, better yet, monitor arm.
    I'm partial to Ergotrons.

    Tom Scales, Dec 27, 2005
  4. nlehrer

    hrdtd Guest

    A few suggestions..

    1. do a search for Flat Panel wall mounts. I believe that your monitore is
    constructed such that a standard vesa wall mount plate will fit it. Once you
    find a mounting plate, you can make any size/type of stand to mount it on.

    2. Some people will actually get a seperate pair of glasses that are
    designed to focus the same distance from your eye that your monitor will sit

    3. The last time I got a new pair of glasses (I too have progressive lenses)
    I mentioned to the eye doctor that I spend a good amount of time every day
    sitting at a computer, so I would be interested in a seperate pair of
    glasses for just that purpose, but he told me to just wait till I got the
    new glasses and give them a try. If I still felt that I needed seperate
    glasses, then so be it.

    It turns out that my new glassess have 4 different zones, and one of then is
    just right. There is still one zone below the one that works for looking at
    a monitor that I use when trying to see up close.
    hrdtd, Dec 27, 2005
  5. nlehrer

    gg Guest

    I too have terrible problems with my neck and wear progressives.
    My problems are exacerbated by a large CRT that cannot be lowered
    (easily) (desk is 36" wide) and the desk is higher than normal, so
    that is I put a cushion on the chair my feet are off the ground, even
    tho I'm 6 ft tall.
    I recently purchased a single vision, inexpensive pair for computer
    work. My monitor is about twice the usual distance from my chair, so
    it took a bit of experimentation. As more power was required for this
    increased distance I have trouble seeing the keyboard and papers on
    the desk.
    I understand the best solution is a pair of computer progressives.
    gg, Dec 28, 2005
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