floppy disk(s) fail (80) issues...

Discussion in 'Soyo' started by dottedquad, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. dottedquad

    dottedquad Guest

    I have a kt600 dragon plus board that WAS in working condition for a
    long time until I received a floppy disk(s) fail (80).

    Here are the steps I took to trouble shoot this issue:

    a) I tried the floppy drive in another computer and the cable. They
    both work without getting the floppy disk(s) fail (80) error. When I
    moved the floppy drive and its' cable to the computer i'm trying to
    fix I get that error.

    b) played around with the cable and flipped it in the other direction
    and the light on the floppy drive stayed lit which means the cable is
    in backwards(I think) so i swapped it back. The twised part of the
    cable is going into the drive along with the red wire on the cable on
    pin one(arrow points to that section on the drive)

    What I don't understand is even though I get floppy disk(s) fail (80),
    when I try and install windows the light on my floppy drive lights up
    then stops. I hit F6 then S to install my raid drivers from the
    floppy disk and the light on the drive lights up but I get Please
    insert the Manufacturers Disk.... Esc... I took that same floppy disc
    and inserted it into another computer and did the same process to see
    if the disk works; I get the list of drivers to pick from in the
    windows installation process. So, I know the floppy disk works.

    I'm wondering if it's the Floppy disk controller on the mother that is
    bad? Oh and my FDC is enabled in bios.

    Much help is greatly appreciated.

    dottedquad, Feb 8, 2007
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  2. dottedquad

    Davy Guest

    Better late than never... thought you'd have a reply by now, probably
    sorted as well.

    Here's a link for ya.. http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000426.htm
    clicking on the CH numbers in the text will open the link's in a new

    Davy, Mar 26, 2007
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