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Fluid flow benchmark -- help me choose CPU/mboard

Discussion in 'Intel' started by H.W. Stockman, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. Would you help me by running a benchmark on AMD64 and P4 systems
    with dual-channel DDR?

    I am trying to decide on getting an Opteron or a P4 (875 or 865xx)
    dual-channel PC3200 system. Most of the machine's CPU cycles will be
    used to run just one program, which happens to be very memory-intensive.
    This benchmark is a scaled-down version of that particular program, with a
    calculation load.
    =====the test========
    First, this is the same benchmark I posted here at least 2 years ago... but
    hardware has changed a lot since then.

    Here are some rather dated, painfully explicit instructions for running the test
    under windows.
    The Linux version is very similar in usage, except the switches in the "bat"
    file are explicitly placed after the executable name at the command prompt.


    ....If you try to open this file directly from the web, and you have Norton
    you may get a complaint that this file has a "malicious script" (it doesn't),
    because it has embedded web URLs. In any case, you may want to download
    the file and scan it before you read it.

    And here are the zipped benchmark executables, for windows (95 and up) and Linux

    The how_3d0.doc file explains what I need returned to me.

    If you feel more comfortable communicating via an edu or gov address, I can
    be reached at:

    hwstock _AT_ alum dot mit dot edu


    hwstock _AT_ sandia dot gov

    Note the return address for this post is anti-spam munged; it should be fairly
    obvious how to "unmumg" it.
    H.W. Stockman, Apr 8, 2004
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