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Flush wireless card for Thinkpad T22 (with internal antenna)

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by Luigi Vandoni, Jul 5, 2003.

  1. Does there exist on the market a laptop WiFi card (802.11b/g) that
    does *not* contain an antenna and that does not stick out of the laptop?

    With a Thinkpad T22 that has an internal antenna (around the screen)
    one would hope to use that antenna and not have a PCMCIA sticking
    out of the laptop.

    I've seen the card from 3com with the retractable antenna. Are there
    any cards (from IBM?) that do not have an antenna at all (and, at best,
    that also support 802.11g)?

    Any rumors whether 3com intends to release a .11a/b/g with XJack?

    Luigi Vandoni, Jul 5, 2003
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  2. Luigi, I'm confused. Does your T22 have the internal antennas or not?

    Most ThinkPads that don't come with wireless cards don't have the antennas
    either. (That would be a "wireless ready" model--there are a few but very

    If it has the antennas, there should probably be stickers near the edges of
    the lid with black and white diagonal stripes on them. To be certain, remove
    the rectangular cover plates on the bottom of the machine. One of them
    covers the memory slots and the other covers the mini-PCI card slot. Look
    around the mini-PCI slot for two cables with tiny round connectors at the

    If you do have antennas, then you can use a mini-PCI card. There are many of
    these available from several different manufacturers. There's at least one
    802.11g mini-PCI card I know of, made by Broadcom, and no doubt many more to

    You may find that the mini-PCI slot is already filled with an Ethernet or
    modem combo card. If so, you'd have to pull that card to install a wireless
    mini-PCI card. There may be an empty CDC (Communications Daughter Card) slot
    where you could put in a different Ethernet card.

    If you don't have antennas, then you need a PCMCIA card.

    Michael Geary, Jul 5, 2003
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