Followup: 'Underclocking' and mixing ECC/non-ECC Rambus

Discussion in 'Asus' started by _|_|_, May 29, 2005.

  1. _|_|_

    _|_|_ Guest

    Thanks for mentioning this, Paul. A convincing argument.
    I decided to keep existing hardware and bump up to a 2.8Ghz
    400FSB Northwood. It's--running fine on P4T-E beta bios v 1008.4.
    It's not a quantum speedup, but it's noticeable. I didn't need that
    much more speed on this particular system anyway.,

    Now I've got to figure out whether it's worthwhile to jump up from
    1.5GB Rambus to 2GB. Of course I'd need to replace two
    256K RDRAMs with 512's, so that extra 500KB will cost as much
    as the CPU upgrade..

    Here's something interesting: I was going to inquire about mixing
    the ECC and non-ECC Rambus. Then I checked the part numbers
    on the existing sticks -- they're already mixed! The 256's are
    non-ECC, the 512's are ECC. (Yep, I just kinda threw 'em in there)

    This system seems to run stable until really pushed, and usually
    the thing that puts it over the top (reboots) is an app that generates
    sound (Winamp, PowerDVD, etc). At this point I suspect the sound

    Has anyone else used mixed ECC/non-ECC? Any known problems?

    _|_|_, May 29, 2005
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