Fonts: deleted by mistake, reinstalled - now I have problems in Apple Mail with font

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Marc Heusser, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. Marc Heusser

    Marc Heusser Guest

    Silly me:
    I checked fonts with Font Book, found 4 defective ones and clicked
    remove checked. This removed most of my fonts to the Thrash

    I did copy them from Thrash to another location, and imported them again
    in Font Book. In the process I did skip duplicates (mostly MS fonts).

    Since then Apple Mail has trouble displaying the headers of mails, and
    also changed font.
    The headers' baseline seems to be off, so that the from address gets
    displayed on top of the subject - quite annoying.

    How can I reinstall the needed fonts at least for the system, possibly
    using the install disks of the computer?


    Marc Heusser, Jul 3, 2007
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  2. At least you didn't delete all the system fonts like I did. :)

    Right. This is not exact cxos this is a PC I am on.

    1/. Boot the install disks, but do not proceeed with the installation.

    2/. On the menu bar at the screen top select File/terminal (I think)
    and bring up a console terminal.

    3/. The fonts you need are in the /Systme/Fonts folder IIRC - this is on
    a CD-ROM boot - the actual CD data.

    4/. You need to copy the lot back into the hard disc file. I cant
    remember where this is mounted during a pseudo installation, but its
    under /Volumes somewhere. You will find

    Cd into that directory and do a

    cp /System/Fonts/* .

    Note the period (to indicate current directory is the target) and the
    space (to make sure its interpreted as a target, not part of the source!
    Exit terminal, abort the 'installation' remove CD and reboot..

    Good luck!
    The Natural Philosopher, Jul 4, 2007
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  3. Marc Heusser

    Marc Heusser Guest

    Thanks to both of you - it was indeed Helvetica missing.
    Up and running again.

    Marc Heusser, Jul 4, 2007
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