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ForceWare 94.24 driver update causes Refresh Rate to stop working

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Pablo Contreras, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    I had been using ForceWare 77.72 on my GeForce 6600 card and recently
    upgraded it to 94.24. Now it would seem that I can't change the
    Refresh Rate. The nVidia ForceWare Control Panel lets you do this but
    when I check using the on-screen controls on my screen it just says
    it's says it's the same as before I changed it. Previously I was able
    to do this without problem. What's happened?

    I tried switching off the Wizard-style Control Panel (*) thinking that
    could be what's causing it but it made no difference. Wherever I
    change the Refresh Rate it just doesn't seem to work any more.

    Somebody help!! :)


    * the Wizard-style Interface has been introduced after ForceWare
    version 77.72. This is the one I had been using previously.
    Pablo Contreras, Jun 30, 2007
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  2. Pablo Contreras

    Mr.E Solved! Guest

    The 94.24's have been superseded by the 162.15b Forcewares, find them on

    You can also look for my preceding post in this NG which has a registry
    file that reenables the classic control panel which has the refresh rate
    override page you are looking for.

    You could also dl and use RefreshForce (google) a onetime applet that
    allows you to set and forget the refresh rates.
    Mr.E Solved!, Jun 30, 2007
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  3. Thank you man. I did actually try reenabling the classic control
    panel and there is a page called Screen Resolutions & Refresh Rates on
    the GeForce 6600 pop-out sub dialog which apparently has the option of
    letting you change the Refresh Rate but when I tried changing it I
    found that it made no difference.

    Thanks for that idea on RefreshForce, it sounds a bit severe but I
    will try it if all else fails.

    I think it might try getting those 162.15b Forcewares you speak of.

    And if all the above fails I might go back to the Drive-Image'ed
    partition of my system I made prior to installing those ForceWare
    99.24 drivers. (*)

    Thanks a lot :)


    * I was trying to fix no transparency support on some applications
    Pablo Contreras, Jul 1, 2007
  4. Pablo Contreras

    DRS Guest

    For non-8 series cards?
    DRS, Jul 1, 2007
  5. Pablo Contreras

    Mr.E Solved! Guest

    Yes, however as of this writing, "Due to a problem with the v162.15
    Windows XP and Windows XP 64-bit Beta drivers, they have been removed
    for download. We will be replacing these drivers with new fixed drivers


    I have noticed critical errors with decoding with the 162.15's, so if
    watching movies is important to you, don't go looking for them, wait for
    the fix.

    I am using them for gaming, they perform very well with DX7-8-9 titles,
    however MPGs and AVI and DivX and MOV files are frequently corrupted
    requiring a reboot when they work normally until some trigger where they
    fail with artifacts.

    For Direct3D gaming, they are top notch, rock stable and all current
    tweaks and utilities (that I use) work with them. OpenGL gaming is a bit
    more involved with application specific issues (All handled well by
    nhancer) but multi-core CPUs are detected then automatically passed as
    available to the OpenGL app now, so that's a small plus. Both 8X FSAA
    modes RG and SS are available as well (depending on hardware) and can be
    combined with other FSAA modes.

    As an observation for the new modes (@1600x1200x32x85Hz): I am doing
    both 8xFSAA modes on UT2004 with Vsync on, forced triple buffer and the
    game flatlines at 85fps. Which is faster than the game runs (60fps)
    while looking nearly as good as DX9 allows. While the commonly used in
    newer more complex titles 4xMSFSAA does eliminate jagged edges on angled
    edges, it does nothing for the sense of relief and contrast that the
    higher modes and tweaks allow.

    I look forward to the hardware of the near future to experience Oblivion
    running with HDR and dual 8X FSAA all at 85FPS at even higher
    resolutions than I'm used to now! It will be a very surreal experience.
    Mr.E Solved!, Jul 1, 2007
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