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    devotion, which always takes the form of submission perhaps because
    woman has a bad conscience about it, wondering if it is not really
    egotism; man, however, as mentioned, does not see this but feels
    enhanced by the devotion of this other I.

    Woman herself does not know that it is egotism; she is always a riddle
    to herself, and by a subtlety of nature the whole mystification of
    egotism manifesting itself as devotion is concealed from her. If woman
    could understand what an enormous egotist she is, she would not be that,
    for in another sense she is too good to be an egotist.

    This whole business of man and woman is a very intricate plot or a
    practical joke intended to destroy man qua spirit.

    Man is not originally an egotist; not until he is lucky enough to be
    united with a woman does he become that, and then completely. In
    contrast to a loose-jointed framework egotism, this union, commonly
    known as marriage, could be called a stone-wall egotism, egotism's
    proper enterprise.

    Having once entered this company enterprise, egotism really begins to
    hum - and this is also why there are two, a company, in order to have
    someone to blame and to share the telling of lies (just as in the
    practical world it is recommended to have an associate who can be blamed
    for everything).

    And it follows as a matter of course that once man enters this company
    he is essentially lost for everything higher.

    This is the reason that C
    Timothy, Dec 11, 2007
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