front side bus

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Andre LaFramboise, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. on a p4c800e with a p4 3.2 fsb800 hyper threading what should the speed be
    set at .or is it set automatically thanks.
    Andre LaFramboise, Mar 31, 2005
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  2. Andre LaFramboise

    Paul Guest

    At the hardware level, there are two pins on the processor that
    indicate what speed value that the processor normally uses. The
    two pins indicate that the P4 needs a 100, 133, or 200MHz clock.
    Since the front side data bus transfers data four times per
    clock cycle, those values correspond to FSB400, FSB533, FSB800.

    As for the BIOS design, when you first enter the BIOS, many of
    the settings will be [Auto]. For some of these settings, as you
    change them to [Standard] or [Manual], other settings are

    For example, if you set "AI Overclock Tuner" to Manual, then
    you'll see a "CPU External Frequency" setting. The starting
    value should reflect the coding of the two pins on the bottom
    of the processor, and it should say 200MHz for a FSB800
    processor. To overclock, you could manually adjust that field
    and set it to a value other than 200MHz.

    What you should be able to do, is install your processor, RAM,
    and other components, start up the system and use your install
    CD to install a basic OS. Then, get a copy of CPUZ from here

    CPUZ will show you the basic properties of your system, and
    allow you to determine what the BIOS is really doing. For
    example, on my board, I've noticed that the BIOS I am using,
    uses different DRAM timings than the ones I set manually.
    And I find that mighty annoying, when doing testing. It is
    good to be aware of whether the BIOS performs those functions
    correctly or not.

    Paul, Mar 31, 2005
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