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FS: Battery for IBM Thinkpad X40 series: near-NEW (under Warranty; used 2 times only - NO NEED, idle

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by Mark Levitski, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. Posted on Ebay, item# 6783031330 (enter into "search" window): NO NEED TO
    WAIT FOR AUCTION to End, you can click "Buynow" option and get it instantly
    (current bid: $60, "buynow": $65)
    Long description is repeated here, but transction MUST BE MADE ON EBAY -
    goto www.ebay.com and enter item# 6783031330 into search. If you wish to
    reply, do only by Email (not Newsgroup) using "email reply" button/command
    in Newsgroups and edit address manually to delete two strings: "SPAMNOMORE"
    repeated twice. Afterwards I'll respond from home email/real name, as
    bogus MarkLevitski/email address are to protect privacy on public

    Battery for IBM ThinkpadX40 series, practically NEW as - charged/ discharged
    TWO times only (when I received a new X40, updating BIOS required battery).
    UNDER WARRANTY until November2005. Labels: FRU 92P0998, 92P0999, Made in
    Japan for IBM Corporation, New York, USA. LiIon, nom 14.4V, 1.9 AH
    Keep in mind IBM updates FRU#'s occasionally - if you're looking for FRU# a
    few digits lower/higher (e.g. 92P1000) it's the same battery, to my
    knowledge same for all X40 series, but don't try to fit into earlier
    Thinkpads X23, X24, so besure yours is an X40 machine with matching AC power
    supply for best results (due to perfect charging voltage management)

    This is GENUINE IBM, NOT generic replacement you see here on Ebay (can't
    mention other sellers to avoid harming them), genuine unit sells for
    $160-200, generics are $70-80, mine as usual a bit less (see feedback, I
    sell for speed and not money, life is short)..
    Call it "near-new" instead of new as batteries are consumables aging even if
    stored i.e. idle - one reason I decided to sell rather than watching it idle
    for over 3 months, 3 months is nothing but knowing I will hardly need it's
    better to sell now than waste something other people need. Warranty status
    is at IBM website>support> personal computing>product info>warranty lookup
    and enter my machine type# 2386, serial# KV-AH905. You should see
    Oct31/2005, web address is shown below BUT IBM FREQUENTLY UPDATES WEBLINKS
    so if problem just goto warranty status manually:


    Explanation of why I'd removed a brand new battery to sell:
    Own multiple Thinkpads and can use batteries from other X-series machines,
    but main reason is this machine sits at the office - plugged into ACpower
    100% time, and despite of multiple laptops doesn't mean I so rich as to let
    something be wasted, battery is not needed and so up for sale. If I don't
    consider you a security risk (which is difficult to determine), and if
    you're local to New York City, it is theoretically possible to cometo my
    office and test battery yourself, also check my feedback - 100% positive,
    likewise on Internet Newsgroups although can't mention here ot avoid
    advertising where we sell on Newsgroups which Ebay won't allow

    P.S. The second time I charged tis battery - capacity was verified 100%, if
    you buy please cycle (fully charge/discharge) several times - that;s what
    IBM recommends after being idle for several months, also follow
    recommendations on your X40 online manual, etc. battery-related docs, things
    most people should know: do NOT store at full charge (causes internal
    damage) - best is to store at 30% charge, do NOT discharge to subzero value
    (don’t let discharge extremely deep), do not idle for very excessive periods
    e.g. half year, charge at least once, and in your battery maximizer tool
    (included with new X40's software) DO READ "how to extend battery life" or
    something to that effect, very useful and tells how to extend life far
    IBM Battery maximizer.

    Orion Telecom Corp.
    Mark Levitski, Jul 5, 2005
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