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FS: NEC Versa 6000-series Laptop Docking Station

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by Mark Glinsky, Oct 25, 2003.

  1. Mark Glinsky

    Mark Glinsky Guest

    This is the docking station for NEC Versa laptop computers. Very handy for
    use as a charging station,
    off-line storage, attaching printers and other peripherals, etc.

    I used this docking station with my NEC Versa 586-150MHz Laptop, Model
    It will work with the 6000-series of Versa laptops, and possibly other
    series of Versa
    laptops as well.

    Connections / Features include:

    PS-2 Keyboard
    PS-2 Mouse
    DB-9 COM 1 Serial
    DB-15 15-Pin SVGA Video
    DB-25 Parallel
    DB-15 MIDI Port
    Modem Telephone Jack
    1/8-inch MIC IN jack
    1/8-inch LINE IN jack
    1/8-inch LINE OUT jack
    1/8-inch SPEAKER OUT jack
    3 PCI Upgrade Slots, one with Network Ethernet Card
    2 Front Bays for additional Hard Drives
    Front Power Switch and Standby selector switch
    Rear Cooling Fan
    Locking Key with key included
    Rear Power Switch with switchable Input Voltage

    NEC Model number is OP-560-62003.

    Pictures are at:

    $35 + shipping.

    Mark Glinsky, Oct 25, 2003
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