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FS: Nicolet NPC-800A Logic Analyser (UK) going cheap....

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by Bryan, Oct 20, 2003.

  1. Bryan

    Bryan Guest

    Apologies if this is of no interest....

    This is Eighties Technology at its best! Ideal for the home
    Electronics hobbyist.

    Built to last this Logic Analyzer has the following features:-

    32 Bit State Analyis with 2 clocks and 6 Clock Qualifiers at upto
    15MHz. 1000 sample realtime memory 1000 sample Aux memory. 16 Trigger

    16 Bit Timing Analysis with Clock Qualifier at upto 100MHZ. 2000
    sample realtime memory 2000 sample Aux memory. 2 Trigger levels.

    This unit Boots from built in ROM you do not need to Boot off a floppy
    like some Analysers of this era.

    This comes with all the bits you can see in the main photo :-

    Main Unit Nicolet NPC-800A.
    2x 16-Bit State pods.
    2x 8-Bit Timing pods.
    2 User manuals.
    1 CPM Manual and quick reference.
    2 x CPM Operating System Master Disks.
    1 x Printer utilites disk.
    Several Backup up floppies.
    Various receipts and brochures.
    Letherette carrying pouch for accesories.

    Please Note: Due to weight buyer collects from Loughborough,
    Follow link to bid on this there is no reserve.....
    Bryan, Oct 20, 2003
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