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FS Sun Microsystems Gear

Discussion in 'Sun Hardware' started by Mike Beckmann, Jun 24, 2003.

  1. We buy and sell Sun, IBM RS6000, HP and Cisco. We also have some great
    deals on Used Enterprise gear. For Mini data bases use the E3500 with
    X2612A I/O board, X9689A Power sypply, X2652A FC-AL controller for disks,
    8ea X6710A 9.1 gig 10k rpm FC-AL disk drives, and 2ea X2602A system boards
    each containing 2 X2580A 400mhz/8mb cache processors and 2 X7023A 1gig
    memory kits.$4100. Sun would charge you $4100 for maintenance on this box
    alone. Need more processing power go to a E4500 with 1ea X2612A I/O board,
    1 ea X5163A 18 gig disk board, 4ea X2602A system boards each containing 8
    X2580A 400mhz/8mb cache processors and 8 X7023A 1gig memory kits.$5500. If
    you need an Array call me. We have E6500 bases for $3000 E10k's.

    Thanks for your time
    Mike Beckmann 847-468-8900

    x-- 100 Proof News - http://www.100ProofNews.com
    x-- 3,500+ Binary NewsGroups, and over 90,000 other groups
    x-- Access to over 700 Gigs/Day - $8.95/Month
    Mike Beckmann, Jun 24, 2003
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