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[FS - Toronto] Loaded Sun Ultra 2 + plenty of parts

Discussion in 'Sun Hardware' started by D., Sep 12, 2008.

  1. D.

    D. Guest

    Hello groups,

    I'm selling a Sun Ultra 2 workstation with tons of additional parts.

    - Dual 300MHz UltraSPARC II CPU
    - 1280 MB of RAM (yes it's 1024+256=1280, not 128 with one zero too many)
    - 4.5 GB + 9.1 GB internal disk drives
    - 18 GB external SCSI disk in enclosure
    - Plextor CDRW drive
    - Sun Creator 3D graphic card

    The machine originally came with an Elite 3D M6 graphic card, but I didn't
    really use it and I needed some room for additional cards, so I swapped it
    for a Creator 3D. I still have the original Elite, and I will include it in
    the deal.

    It also comes with the Sun keyboard, mouse, all necessary cables (including
    the SCSI cable for the external HDD, power cables and such), and I will also
    include the Sun 13W3 to VGA adapter. This is the only part I still haven't
    located in my boxes, but it shouldn't take long.

    I also have multiple additional SBUS cards, at least half a dozen of them,
    and you get the whole lot. Amongst them is the rare SBUS to PCMCIA adapter.
    It's a complete kit!

    This machine runs Solaris 10 really well. Booting up takes a bit of time,
    but as soon as the programs are loaded in memory it's surprisingly fast.
    Kudos to proper engineering!

    Solaris is not installed right now as I have just clean wiped the disks, but
    I have the CDs for the latest Solaris 10 release for that machine, and I
    will give them to the buyer. I can't install Solaris on the machine as I
    don't have a screen for it anymore, so it will be up to you. I took care to
    burn the first disk at 2x, and I checked that it's booting properly, at
    least. :)

    I can also include for a small additional fee (10$) a SCSI to IDE adapter,
    to plug a big fat IDE disk inside an external SCSI enclosure. You'd have to
    get your own enclosure though, as I don't have any.

    Given the number of parts and the weight of everything, I'd rather not ship
    it out. Therefore it's for sale mainly in the greater Toronto area. I live
    downtown Pape & Danforth, and I work in Markham.

    It's very difficult to put a price on such a machine, so make me an offer.
    Please be serious and don't offer pocket money, I think it's quite
    insulting. I'm not expecting to get my money back, far from it, but this
    whole kit probably cost me between 800 and 1000$ CAN to put together,
    including shipping and all. To be sure that there is no misunderstanding,
    I'll say it again: I'm not expecting to get all that money back! :) That's
    just a fact of life.

    To get my email address, just figure out what to do with that:

    #include <stdio.h>

    D., Sep 12, 2008
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  2. D.

    Huge Guest

    It's not worth anything.
    I gave my Ultra 2 away, and glad to have it collected.
    Huge, Sep 12, 2008
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  3. D.

    DoN. Nichols Guest

    Hmm ... IIRC, the Sun FEH warns about the use of 300 MHz
    UltraSPARC CPUs and some versions of Creator3D. Ah yes -- here we are:

    3. The FFB2+ is not compatible with 300 MHz Module 501-4196
    4. The FFB2+ is not compatible with 300 MHz Module <= 501-4849-02

    And -- according to the FEH -- those are the ones which were used in the

    This was for the Creator-3d marked "501-4790", the FFB2+ version of the
    Creator-3d. Series 2 (without the '+' appears to have no problems.
    I have an Elite 3D which I have never used. :)

    [ ... ]
    Hmm ... I've got two of those, too. :)

    [ ... ]
    Well ... you *could* do it from another system hooked to TTYA as
    a serial terminal -- but if I were getting a system, I would prefer to
    install the OS myself anyway.
    One of those of the right format can allow you to use an IDE
    DVD+RW drive on the system which I would prefer to using it for disks --
    assuming that it is the right card. The right one is 50 pin SCSI and
    the card is of a format such that it fits nicely against the back of the
    IDE DVD drive.
    Just to put it in perspective, I've recently acquired two Sun
    Blade 2000 systems with 1 CPU each for approximately US $115 for the
    first, and US $125 for the second.
    A neat way to do it. But I won't bother, since I have two or
    three retired Ultra-2 machines (one is dual 400 MHz) as well as a couple
    of retired Ultra-60 machines.

    At this point -- I would consider it to be more attractive to
    someone who is trying to build a full collection of Sun machines. :)

    Good Luck,
    DoN. Nichols, Sep 13, 2008
  4. D.

    Dave Guest

    Can you show me anywhere I could get a SCSI -> IDE adapter for $10? I
    paid about £40 (around $70 USD) for mine which allowed one to use a DVD
    drive in my Sun Blade 2000. I think the versions for disks are about the
    same, or perhaps a bit more.

    Personally, I rekon the adapter would be worth more than the rest of the
    machine. One Ultra 2 sold on eBay for less than $11


    but I chucked out 4 x SPARC 20's the other day, and had I had an Ultra
    2, it would have gone with the SPARC 20's to the tip. Personally, I
    could not be bothered to:

    1) List it on eBay
    2) Paypal fees, or waste time going to the bank to put a cheque in
    3) Package the item up
    4) Take it to the post office

    all for under $11. You must be joking.

    Still, I believe scrap metal prices are quite high now,

    I would have thought that kids get more than £11/week pocket money now,
    so I doubt you will get as much as pocket money!

    I've seen you post a few bits of very old Sun kit. I think you should
    wake up to the fact that it is basically worthless now.
    Dave, Sep 13, 2008
  5. D.

    Wes Groleau Guest

    For giving away, try also freecycle.org

    I tried craigslist once. Granted, I was selling, not giving,
    but the first contact was from someone who had ignored the
    "not OK to contact seller with offers of services"
    and all others were from people who were interested, but
    OBVIOUSLY had not bothered to actually read the approx.
    fifty words of the advert!
    Wes Groleau, Sep 13, 2008
  6. D.

    D. Guest

    Ooooh I should check the part numbers. When I was using it as my main
    desktop, after swapping in the Creator I noticed every couple of weeks some
    graphical artefacts on the screen. I had always assumed it was the poor
    electric supply at my place (lights used to flick out fairly regularly for
    example), especially in the winter, but it never occured to me that it could
    have been some form of incompatibility.

    Thanks a lot for the info!

    What a beast... I believe the six chips on the lower board are actually
    SPARC CPUs used for OpenGL computations.

    I installed Solaris 10 over the serial line just once, and swore never to do
    it again. The text installer is buggy in a couple of places, and the whole
    process is insanely long. Never ever again.

    The two I have are the right physical format, but they're UW SCSI, and the
    manufacturer only supports HDDs with those ones. They're ACARD AEC-7720UW.

    Indeed. I'm not even trying to get much money out of it, if I can get
    somewhere between 50 and 100$CAN and a good new home for the beast, I'll be
    happy. I really believe it should be worth more than that, but you can't
    argue with the market.

    Thanks a lot!
    D., Sep 13, 2008
  7. D.

    D. Guest

    You can't find them anywhere for 10$. It's just a little gift for someone
    who would want my Ultra 2.
    That's why I'm not putting it up on eBay. In the end, I'd rather donate it
    to an open source project to make sure their code works, rather than going
    through eBay again.
    Not necessarily. You would be surprised by the number of emails I received
    for my SparcStation Voyager. And even though with all the parts it was
    really heavy (about 25kg I guess), some people from all over the world still
    inquired about how much it would cost to ship it to them.

    I agree that an Ultra 2 does *not* have the same cool factor as a Voyager,
    which is now a collectible. But the whole kit with all the parts is
    definitely worth something. Maybe not to you as you may already have all you
    need, but someone else.

    And don't worry. Those were my only two machines, and I won't bother the
    group anymore with that.

    D., Sep 13, 2008
  8. D.

    D. Guest

    Well if you had tried *giving* stuff on Craigslist, the first email you
    would have received would likely have been along those lines:

    Dear Sir /Madam
    Please give me Y phone n/b for pick them up

    I received that one a couple of days ago, mere minutes after I posted an ad
    for free electronic chips (like a few PICs, some misc components and so on).

    Craigslist has its own ecosystem, including professional freebies scavengers.

    D., Sep 13, 2008
  9. D.

    Wes Groleau Guest

    I can believe it. Next time I have a freebie, I'll post to both
    craigslist and freecycle.

    Wes Groleau

    "A man with an experience is never
    at the mercy of a man with an argument."
    -- Ron Allen
    Wes Groleau, Sep 13, 2008
  10. D.

    DoN. Nichols Guest

    [ ... ]
    O.K. I never tried putting the FFB2+ in my Ultra-2 machines
    until I got 400 MHz CPUs in them.
    You're welcome.
    Interesting. I did not bother looking at the chips on mine.

    [ ... ]
    Hmm ... I've done it several times with no real problems -- but
    I'll agree that it goes quicker with the console, and with a DVD-ROM
    drive in the system (yes, it will accept the SCSI Toshiba SD-M1401'
    with the '1009' firmware upgrade) and you can use the Solaris 10 DVD-ROM
    instead -- a lot less swapping -- just to add the "Software Companion"
    Not much different. The AEC-7720U is the 50-pin version, and it
    works quite well with IDE DVD+-RW

    Of course the 68-pin version can be used in an external housing --
    including for booting from a DVD-ROM -- as long as you don't choke it
    down to 50-pin somewhere between. The controller knows that it is wide
    SCSI, and the ACard answers that *it* is wide SCSI, so both ends get
    very confused after the negotiation when it can't get 16-bit wide data
    through things. This is also the problem when using this as an
    internal device in the Ultra-2 and an Ultra-60 (presubably also the
    Ultra-30) -- the internal bus for the CD-ROM is 50-pin but it os on the
    same controller as the 68-pin connector for external drives, and the
    internal SCA interface drives. There seem to be no provisions for
    changing that to a 68-pin internal bus for the DVD-ROM.

    [ ... ]

    [ ... ]
    Pretty reasonable price -- if I needed one. So your major trick
    is finding someone who does need one -- or at least can be convinced
    that s/he needs one. :)

    Good Luck,
    DoN. Nichols, Sep 14, 2008
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