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FS: VAIO PCG-672R (PCG-V505BL) Display (and more!)

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by Jerohm, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. Jerohm

    Jerohm Guest

    I have an old VAIO PCG-672R (on rear label w/ serial#) and has a PCG-V505BL
    Badge on unit's front. It still "works", but is MISSING a couple of keycaps
    (F8 and F9), the speakers, disk drive, rear access panel cover, and power
    supply. The CPU fan is marginal at best and the battery holds about a 10
    minute charge ... which is why I selling it for the display ONLY (1078x768)
    which is perfect. $189US plus actual shipping charges takes the unit.
    PayPal (Bank transfers - no credit cards) Only ... My eBay ID is Jerohm. If
    there isn't any interest, I will list on eBay. You can get my attention
    using the eBay Message system OR 'deciphering' my newsgroup email return
    address (shouldn't be much of a challenge).
    Jerohm, Nov 9, 2006
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  2. Jerohm

    Quaoar Guest

    This is OT for the newsgroup, and your price is $179 too high.

    Quaoar, Nov 10, 2006
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