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fsck error while adding external USB disk to Sun Blade 100

Discussion in 'Sun Hardware' started by A. Natarajan, Aug 20, 2003.

  1. A. Natarajan

    A. Natarajan Guest


    I added an 120 Gig Maxtor external USB disk to a Sun Blade 100, and
    was able to format, newfs, and mount the disk properly.
    Unfortunately, while moving some files to the new disk (yes, I should
    have copied first :-( ), the disk seemed to have lost all the files
    (df showed some space being used, but no files exist).

    I did a fsck to see if I could repair and recover at least some of the
    files, but I get the following error from fsck:

    THE FOLLOWING SECTORS COULD NOT BE READ: -2123838464 -2123838463
    -2123838462 -2123838461 -2123838460 -2123838459 -2123838458
    -2123838457 -2123838456 -2123838455 -2123838454 -2123838453
    -2123838452 -2123838451 -2123838450 -2123838449
    fsck: warning: the following command (process 634) was terminated by
    signal 11 and dumped core
    fsck -F ufs -y /dev/rdsk/c3t0d0s2

    I am running 8.0 on this Sun Blade 100, and I thought that 8.0 could
    recognize disks as big as 120 Gig. The negative numbers in the error
    message seem to inicate that the system can not recognize such a big
    disk. Was I wrong to to use the entire disk as one partition? What
    does the error mean? 'strings core' does not reveal anything useful.
    I'm sorry to display such a lack of expertise, but I am a sysadmin by
    default, not by training or vocation...

    A. Natarajan, Aug 20, 2003
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