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Full Speed 500 MHz R500-Xenos GPUs already in some X360 Devkits

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Guest, Jul 14, 2005.

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    TSMC to manufacture X360 GPU; full speed chips in some devkits

    Taiwanese firm ready to build graphics chips as Xenos hits 500MHz

    The ATI-designed graphics part for the Xbox 360 will be built by Taiwanese
    Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC), with the firm set to use its cutting
    edge 90 nanometre process to deliver millions of the chips by the end of the

    Rob Fahey 14:32 14/07/2005

    TSMC had already announced that it is working with Microsoft on the Xbox
    360, but confirmation that it will be making the GPUs - codenamed Xenos -
    only emerged late this week, after some reports mistakenly said that IBM
    would be building the parts at its Fishkill plant in New York State.

    That plant will be providing the PowerPC processors that the Xbox 360 uses,
    but Microsoft has turned to TSMC - which is already a key manufacturing
    partner for ATI and NVIDIA - for the graphics part.

    In a related story, UK website The Inquirer has reported that ATI has
    succeeded in delivering Xenos chips running at the full 500MHz speed, with
    some key developers already working with full-speed GPUs in their
    development kits.

    However, development sources have indicated to us that even the most
    advanced development kits currently being shipped don't have the full CPU
    power that will be present in the final Xbox 360, although that may be built
    into new kits within a matter of weeks.

    According to The Inquirer, the Xenos part could theoretically run at speeds
    higher than 500MHz - but Microsoft appears to have pegged the speed of the
    part at that level in order to ensure that it gets a large enough numbers of
    chips to supply demand at launch later this year.
    Guest, Jul 14, 2005
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